The Club at Goffs, nestled less than an hour away from bustling Dublin hosted an intimate lunch today to mark celebrated interior designer, Natasha Rocca Devine’s captivating life-size horse installation- ‘Golden Beauty.’Spotted on the day were Lisa Cannon, Ally Garvey, Avila Lipsett as well her sister Rosalind Lipsett, Stylist Cathy O Connor, Susan Jackson while Derry Clarke welcomed guests and talked them through the lunch menu.

Natasha Rocca Devine  chose gold as the key colour as it symbolizes success, affluence and luxury, notable of The Club at Goffs and Sally-Anne & Derry Clarkes cuisine.

Gold when painted on the hair and tail, enhances the beauty of the horse. While gold reminds us of the strength and speed when seen on the hooves and hindquarters. In addition, the headpiece brings a sense of glamour as part of the horse show industry.


The leaves symbolize the beauty of the surrounding nature along with sustainable design, which is key to any work I do. All combined ‘The Golden Beauty’ comes to life and represents the beauty of all horses.”


Guests were treated to a gourmet meal prepared by renowned chef de cuisine Derry Clarke and head chef James Sheridan.  The culinary delights included the best of local and artisan fresh produce, boasting Derry’s signature
flair for exciting food.
Derry Clarke added , ‘We are delighted to celebrate the exceptional talent of Natasha Rocca Devine,  “Our establishment offers a luxurious escape in the heart of Kildare, and this event perfectly encapsulates
the fusion of art and luxury that we strive to provide our guests ‘,
“’It is such an honour to work for such an outstanding team of Sally-Anne and Derry  at The Club at Goffs’’ said Natasha Rocca Devine, ‘’I can’t recommend the hotel and restaurant enough for a beautiful break away’’.

About The Club at Goffs:
The Club at Goffs is a haven of luxury and culture, offering an idyllic escape just a stone’s throw from Dublin. With its 50 glamorous guest rooms, breathtaking views, and attention to detail, The Club at Goffs promises a memorable stay for any occasion.