If, for you, keeping your paws in tip-top shape is a priority, you’ll be no stranger to a good nail file at the bottom of every bag you own, everywhere you go. Buying a nail file may seem like one of life’s simple tasks but with so many variations on the market it can be hard to know which one is for you.

KISS make it easy for you – super budget-friendly and they work like a charm! Not all files are created with the same purpose. There’s an option for every need but depending on what type of file you choose, they can either make or break your nails – literally!

Acrylic File €2

Perfect for use on artificial and acrylic nails, which smoothens the surface and ridges, allowing you to shape and file the toughest of nails with minimal effort – a must-have for any nail tech.

3-Step Nail Buffer €2

Promises three steps to shiny nails and all you have to do is just follow the numbers on the buffer. Buffs and shines natural nails without the use of cream or polish, leaving you with that perfect KISS salon finish.

4-Way Nail Grinder €2

Use all four surfaces starting with the coarsest and proceeding step by step to the finest grit. For artificial and acrylic nails, you can use the medium surface to shape edges of artificial nails and reduce seams on nail tips – a winner in all aspects!

KISS Banana File €2

Suitable to file and shape all nails in the ultimate leopard style!

KISS Emery Boards €2

A golden oldie, lightweight and easy to use on natural nails!