BPerfect Cosmetics’ cult favourite 10 Second Tan liquid tanning spray is getting a sustainability makeover! Not just your average tanning potion, BPerfect have unveiled this magical elixir’s sleek and upgraded design in a stylish acrylic bottle with an enhanced atomizerAvailable in two shades and scents; Medium Coconut and Dark Watermelon, it is packed with Natural & Organic Active Ingredients, so you’ll be radiating confidence and beachy vibes in no time!


But wait, there’s more! Introducing their sizzling hot new innovation – the refillable pouches! BPerfect are not just here to give you an amazing tan; they are also all about keeping things eco-friendly and fabulous. With these easy refillable pouches, you can kiss single-use plastic goodbye and embrace a sustainable, sun-kissed future.


Now, let’s talk about application. Say goodbye to the tanning troubles of the past. 10 Second Tan takes all the guesswork out of tanning with their fool-proof colour guide and enhanced atomizer, giving you an all over spray for an even coverage in an instant. And guess what? It dries in a flash, so you can strut your stuff without the wait.


Imagine soaking up the goodness of skin nourishing Aloe Vera and Green Tea Extracts, while basking in the luxury of Moisturising Vitamins A & E. It’s like a spa day and a tropical vacation rolled into one stylish bottle!


Don’t just settle for a tan that’s here today, gone tomorrow. BPerfect’s 10 Second Tan lasts up to 5 days, fading gradually like the memories of an epic vacation. You’ll be the envy of everyone as you rock that gorgeous glow.


The perfect fusion of style, substance and sustainability, this sophisticated packaging ensures a luxurious tanning experience, every time!


10-Second Tan New Acrylic Bottle 150ML  (RRP €25.95/£21.95) & Refill Pouches (RRP €18.95/£15.95) are available from www.bperfectcosmetics.com, BPerfect Mega Stores, and stockists nationwide.