Some dread it. Others embrace it. It doesn’t matter which camp you are in, Valentines’ Day is hurtling down the tracks at us and it’s probably best to address it rather than ignore it. So we have five ways to make this Valentines’ Day stand out for you – whether your smugly coupled up or, indeed, smugly single.

And here are their tips on how to celebrate Valentine’s 2020 in style.

Embrace the Cheese!

If you have a partner, our advice is to ignore Valentines’ Day at your peril. Unless of course you actively want to be single. Then sit back; start writing your Tinder bio and wait for the car crash.

For those not in a relationship, you no longer have to go into hiding in February. There is now a new love festival celebrated on February 13th: Galentine’s Day is a celebration of self-love; female friendship –  “ovaries before brovaries”.

So with that in mind, let the planning begin.

Gift Experiences, Not Things

The overpriced dinners are done. The petrol station flowers are so done. What will really show your loved one or your friend that you care is to spend time with them and plan an experience you can share.

Ditch crowded restaurants with awful service and why not plan a daytime hike followed by (yes, we are biased) some pampering spa treatments. Or get out of your comfort zone and try an invigorating sea swim; followed by a spot of Yoga (yes, biased again) & brunch.


Steal away to Rainforest Spa Enniskerry for a deeply relaxing spa session.

Each of you enjoys:

  • Use of facilities (Outdoor Hot Tub; Infrared Sauna; Swedish Sauna)
  • Full Body Swedish Massage
  • Complimentary Yoga / Pilates Class (Subject to availability. Not interchangeable for other services.)

Price: €195 total for two guests.


Mix-Tape 2020 Style

We’re still not sure why making a mix tape for your boyfriend/girlfriend was such a ‘thing’ in years of old but there was obviously something in it. Why not gift your loved one with a Spotify playlist curated especially for them to help make their commute a little more special. It’s free and it’s very cute.

Love is not just for Lovers

Valentines’ is obviously all about love but there are so many types of love. Why not share a bit of good old platonic love and text 5 of your friends on February 14th to tell them why you think they are not so awful to be around. A simple compliment costs nothing but will brighten up their day.


The most important relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself. Partner or not, think of something that you love to do and plan it. It could be something as simple as getting a massage; playing the piano or taking time out to meditate. Put all the mind-numbing to-do lists aside for one day and shower yourself in self-love.