A “blur” effect is THE secret to achieving the perfect skin that women want today. This champion of illusion conceals the skin’s imperfections, minimizes pores, evens out skin texture, and smooths fine lines using a simple optical effect. Now you can enjoy a perfect, even, and natural complexion that is instantly Instagrammable. Goodbye, Photoshop! In response to growing demand from multiple generations, Yon-Ka offers an effective and innovative solution in a multi-perfecting soft-focus treatment, with 96% natural ingredients! A formula guaranteed not to contain silicones, a well known polymer found in many soft-focus products. It also features an additional two COSMOS-certified organic ingredients: ashwagandha to protect the epidermis from the harmful effects of light emitted by screens (blue light) and prickly pear cactus for comfort.

Thanks to a deep knowledge of the skin, how it works, and what it needs, Yon-Ka uses the latest advances in scientific research and plant biology to create in NUDE PERFECT Fluide both:


1: Instant Action


The instant soft-focus effect visibly improves skin quality, smoothing wrinkles and fine lines while revealing a naturally brighter and more even complexion from the moment of application.

  1. Long Term Action

Deeply Perfecting Treatment

Its long-lasting multi-perfecting action minimizes imperfections and irregularities, refines the skin’s surface, and tightens pores.


The end result is a naturally improved complexion and smoother skin that grows more and more beautiful with each passing day, even without makeup.

Ultra-light and comfortable, NUDE PERFECT Fluide blends into the skin to the point that you forget you’re wearing it. No greasy film or caked-on feel, but instead mattifying, purifying, antioxidant effects and total anti-pollution action to protect against fine particulate matter and blue light.

Integrated into your morning and evening beauty routine, this fluid, with its matte, velvety finish, enhanced with Yon-Ka Quintessence and a delicate all-natural scent combining ylang-ylang and magnolia, is applied after cleansing the skin and spraying on Yon-Ka Lotion.

YON-KA TIP: Apply a Yon-Ka serum for your skin type before the NUDE PERFECT fluide for optimum comfort for your skin. To perfect your regime, add a Yon-Ka soft exfoliant and mask twice per week.

A mimicking soft-focus effect that blurs and mattifies.

For a dramatic blur effect without the use of silicones, Yon-Ka integrates ultra-effective mineral sheets into its formula. Based on corneotherapy, these sheets mimic the CorneoSphere and serve as an “active dressing.” Their innovative helix structure opens on the surface of the skin to fill out the skin texture and smooth out roughness, while also supplying biomolecules (minerals, lactates, lipids, and amino acids) that deeply restructure the epidermis.

‘A pioneer in phyto-aromatic skin care for over 65 years, Yon-Ka is a French family-owned company that uses essential oils, plant and fruit extracts, and innovative active ingredients with proven effectiveness.’

From root to seed, more than 130 plants from around the world are included in Yon-Ka’s reference of ingredients. They are offered within a line of face treatments, skin care, and sun care products to optimally address the needs of women and men.

We strive to use organic plant extracts that meet the quality and efficacy requirements of our laboratories. The concentrated energy in essential oils obtained through distillation are key to Yon-Ka formulations and your customized regimen. These powerful active ingredients require special expertise and mastery to develop the exact concentrations and ideal efficacy/safety ratio. Each and every essential oil used in our formulas goes through an extremely strict control procedure. They undergo testing to identify their complex phyto-chemistry, confirm their conformity, and ensure their safety.

Yon-Ka products are made in France, are not tested on animals, and comply with strict formulation guidelines.