Could the winter be taking its toll on your skin? While these cold days are great when you just want to throw a hat over a bad hair incident – but when you don’t bother to  wear blue light / UV protection – or spritz your skin during the day then it can become dull and dry – and even damaged. Apart from drying cold winds in winter, the workplace with its high drying temperatures and multitude of screens can also be an enemy to the skin.

To let you know too, Eminence also plants a tree for every product sold (13 million to date) as well as using cornstarch packaging and solar and wind energy to make products. has two very effective solutions to avoid ‘winter office skin dullness’ –

Desk Buddy Spritz – The Sweet Red Rose Tonique €39 from

If your office or workplace is very warm it can open up pores allowing for more cases of spots or blemishes; equally for more mature skin it can increase the look of fine lines and wrinkles by drying out the skin.

Eminence’s Sweet Red Rose Tonique is perfectly suited to all skin types but especially effective for younger skin and male skin as it closes pores, revitalises, calms and balances the appearance of skin. It also contains Eminence’s trademarked BioComplex which is a booster of antioxidants, Coenzyme Q10, and Alpha Lipoic Acid to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the appearance of fine lines.

Your skin appears perfectly clear, fresh and relaxed. Reduction in the appearance of skin discomfort. Pores are purified, refreshed and appear tightened.

The Sweet Red Rose Tonique €39 from 

Looking Radiant in the Office While Fighting Blue Light Damage with Eminence’s Lilikoi Light Defense Face Primer €63 from

This lightweight illuminating face primer with SPF visibly improves the appearance of skin exposed to blue light stress which, due to our lives immersed in screens can affect the skin in a very negative way.

Layer this mineral primer after your moisturiser or use it as a protective base before you apply foundation or tinted moisturiser. Subtle illuminating properties give the skin a healthy, “lit-from-within” effect, resulting in the appearance of a glowing, radiant complexion.


Minimising the visible effects of blue light pollution the skin is left with a youthful looking glow. It provides a lightweight base for makeup.

Lilikoi Light Defense Face Primer SPF 23 €63.00 from