Can you hear those sleigh bells ringing? Presenting the brand new li-mitt-ed edition Christmas Cleanse Off Mitt (€6.50)

The multi-award-winning Cleanse Off Mitt™ pre-cleansing mitt has always been an ideal stocking filler… And now it’s dressed for the occasion in a gorgeous festive evergreen! Not only is the reusable Cleanse Off Mitt™ friendlier to the skin than wipes, it is friendlier to the planet.


The majority of wipes are not recyclable or compostable and end up contributing greatly to landfill or being flushed and ending up in the ocean. The gentle material means that even the most sensitive skins will love it, and it is fantastic for removing your cleanser and face masks too. The Cleanse Off Mitt™ is the perfect way to spread joy and skin health in every stocking this year, for adults and minis alike!


Created for all hoomans®, all genders, all ages and all skins, the Cleanse Off Mitt™ uses microfibre loops that are up to 100 times thinner than a hooman® hair. When you add water to the microfibre material, it works to gently break the surface tension between oil and makeup and your skin to lift off even waterproof eye makeup.