Q Frac delivers efficient results on ageing, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, open pores, skin redness and rosacea as well as acne and scarring.


Want to hear the comment “You look really fabulous, what are you doing differently?”. There are many women and men who would like to look more radiant and ‘fresher’, however, the option of injectables is a little daunting and they would like to try a next generation treatment. This is where ​Q-Fractional Technology (Q Frac)​ might be of interest.


The Wicklow Street Clinic offers a thorough and finished skin revitalisation treatment through Q-Fractional Technology that reduces fine lines and wrinkles, resolves sun damage, open pores, reduces skin redness and rosacea as well as acne and scarring.

The treatment helps your skin by providing extraordinary ​facial tightening​, ​toning​ and smoothing for a more even complexion.​

The treatment, praised by ​Angelina Jolie​ for its flawless results, is much safer and faster than traditional IPL device treatments, with fewer side effects.

This revitalisation procedure bypasses the surface of the skin to create on to the upper part of the derma micro areas of damage surrounded by health tissue, owing to a natural and quick healing process from replacing skin imperfections with new, healthy skin.


This revolutionary treatment has been highly praised and commended for its role in returning firmness to the skin, reducing acne marks and brightening lacklustre skin – helping clients with a myriad of skincare issues.

For more information about this life-changing treatment, please visit https://thewicklowstreetclinic.ie/q-fractional-ipl/ for more details.

Wicklow Street Clinic’s treatment packages are as follows:

60  minutes – €190 – Course of 3 = €520

15 minutes – €125- Course of 3 = €300

30 minutes – €135 – Course of 3 = €370

45 minutes – €175 – Course of 3 = €450

For for further information contact Lucy@artisyn.ie or call 087 1234 245