Whiter teeth for summer? Yes please!

L.A. Pacific is where oral care and beauty merge. They believe your teeth and smile form part of your overall beauty ritual – one of the beauty trinity, along with radiant skin and hair.

An L.A. Pacific smile is a beam from the soul and a universal language that connects us all.  Smiling creates a natural elixir, releasing uplifting endorphins and immune-boosting T-cells.  The L.A. Pacific vision is to support people in sharing smiles with confidence – through innovative science, proven results and a cruelty-free vegan formula.

Their ingredients are inspired by California, the home of beauty and wellness, with finely milled Pacific Sea salts, Californian opalescent crystals and refreshing California Mint to give a beautiful healthy white smile.

In the fastest growing area of oral beauty, L.A. Pacific is the world’s first enzymatic whitening toothpaste, harnessing unique scientific findings to deliver the most effective, low abrasive whitening toothpaste available.

When a naturally occurring enzyme in the mouth meets a sugar, it produces a small amount of hydrogen peroxide that acts as a natural bleach. L.A. Pacific have innovatively replicated this enzyme in their toothpaste resulting in; enamel-safe natural peroxide, causing zero tooth sensitivity one of the lowest levels of abrasion on the market 82% stain removal in 2 minutes.


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Stain removal:

According to studies, the average stain removing toothpaste removes 40-50% of stains on teeth; L.A. Pacific has the highest stain removing percentage at 82% in two minutes of brushing.

Abrasiveness (RDA):

Radioactive Dentin Abrasion (RDA) Index allows industry experts to measure the abrasiveness of a toothpaste and compare against each other.  The lower the RDA, the more gentle on teeth.

The average toothpaste is 125 RDA; L.A. Pacific has an 81 RDA.  Our formula is gentle, yet very effective.

4 in 1 Protection Enzyme Whitening Toothpaste – €8.99 (also available in extra sensitive)

This 4 in 1 toothpaste brightens, cleans, lightens and refreshes. L.A. Pacific Extra Sensitive has all the same qualities as the 4 in 1, with the addition of Potassium Citrate. This ingredient interrupts the pain signals in the dental nerves to stop any irritation or sensitivity while using the toothpaste.