Thérapie Clinic, the largest medical clinic group in Ireland with over 20 facilities across the country and more than 100 medical practitioners working for the company. Phillip McGlade, Therapie Clinic CEO, has reached out to the Irish government this week to lend his support in the coronavirus vaccination roll out by offering both their facilities and Medical staff.  With clinics in over 10 counties including Dublin, Cork, Galway and Kerry in high footfall areas, the clinic group will be ready and willing to support with administering vaccinations.


Thérapie Clinic is a family-owned Irish company that was established over 20 years ago and while the doors of their 20+ clinics including a 4000Sqft premise on Dublin’s Henry street remain closed, they want to take this opportunity to help in Ireland’s fight against COVID-19.


The medical group have vast experience in administering injectable treatments at high volume. McGlade comments, “We carry out over 400,000 treatments every year and can support the government in ramping up the vaccination programme in a speedy and professional manner.”



During the first lockdown in April 2020, Thérapie Clinic joined the fight against COVID-19 by donating all of their hand sanitizer, gloves and paper rolls to hospitals and care homes across Ireland. They also redistributed the company’s entire supplies of personal protective equipment, worth €50,000. They now hope to be able to provide the Irish Government, the HSE and the country with tangible help once again.