At Hi Style we love something light and refreshing on a Thursday, so you can imagine our excitement when we heard that there was new citrusy gin launching right on time for Valentines Day. With his Own Irish and Own Pink GiN stacking up awards and accolades, Graham Norton has turned his attention to a taste of nostalgia with the launch of his brand-new variant, Graham Norton’s Own West Cork Marmalade GiN.

Carefully crafted with care and love in Graham’s hometown, it is the perfect balance of premium Seville oranges and classic aromas of botanicals and is a refreshing surprise for all gin lovers. Dry in style with a citrus twist of marmalade creates a refreshing drink that lingers on after the last drop.

On his newest addition, Graham says: “You’ve tried it on toast, now enjoy it as a toast! Spain’s famous Seville oranges give the best marmalade its unique citrus tang; now those same oranges take centre stage in my latest Irish GiN. Starting with Irish grains and locally foraged botanicals, this new variety is infused with marmalade made from premium Seville oranges and made in Ireland.”

SERVING SUGGESTION Pour over ice with a premium tonic, with a twist of orange and a garnish of orange zest.