Bright orange knuckles, we’re looking at you…

Transforming your sun-deprived skin from dull to golden doesn’t come without its dangers – whether you’re a self-tan newbie or undetachable from your tanning mitt, there are a few tricky areas just waiting to catch you out. The F34 from Blank Canvas (€15) is a large multi-purpose bronzing brush from our Dimensions Series that will change your tanning game forever. Handmade from extra soft, high quality, anti-bacterial fibres. It is super easy to clean thanks to its synthetic fibres and this brush is also vegan-friendly.


First up, moisturise immensely from your wrists to your fingertips to prevent your tan from getting stuck in any dry patches. To prevent the dreaded wotsit fingers blend a small amount of moisturiser with your self-tanner on a mitt with your F34 brush and buff into the hands from the wrist down. Once finished use a wipe on your nails and cuticles to avoid staining and through the palms of your hands to remove any excess colour.


A tell-tale sign to blow your false tan cover is either lumious orange or white knuckles. Either are a total misfortune. To avoid a knuckle nightmare, bend your hand into a claw shape while tanning your hands to allow the colour to get right into those creases and then use your F34 brush to buff right into all of the cracks.


Is there anything worse than waking up with bright, bold orange toes and giraffe printed feet? Rule number 1, always exfoliate and moisturise before going near your feet. Apply self-tan to your mitt with a small amount of moisturiser, swirl your F34 brush in it and lightly dust across your foot and all its cracks and glory’s.

Blank Canvas can be bought online on, Cloud10 Beauty and in national pharmacies.