Even during lockdown at Hi HQ we have been tanning and doing DIY beauty treats to keep us sane. There is nothing better than a flawless broze look coming into Summer. Here are three must – haves for Summer 2020 if you plan to tan.




Bronzie Tan Perfecting Powder €19.99

This has been specially designed to instantly dry your tan with no streaking or transferring onto clothing or bedding. Leaving dry skin with a subtle golden glow and fresh citrus fragrance. Lightly shake over your freshly applied fake tan and gently pat all over the body with the Bronzie powder pop.


Bronzie Powder Pop €12.99

Designed to protect your tan, the Bronzie Powder Pop is perfect for use with the Bronzie finishing powder, to ensure your tan remains flawless and streak-free.


Bronzie Ultimate Mini Mitts €12.99

These heart shaped mini mitts have been designed to prep and tan your skin, in a size and shape that’s perfect for use on the face and hands. One exfoliating mitt and one tan mitt included In the pack