Feeling tired? Chances are you may be looking tired too. The first place we show fatigue is on the eye area. With 10 000 movements per day and 22 muscles, your eyes are just like you: hyperactive, expressive and radiant. They can effortlessly light up your face. They’re also especially fragile. In the frontline against UV rays, with a thin epidermal layer and a lack of hydrolipidic film, the eye contour is where ageing shows first. At 25, you can already see the first signs of time and tiredness. Wondering which part of the face most worries women¹? Look no further.


Eye care expert, Clarins introduces TOTAL EYE LIFT. Developed for all women and all ages, this exceptional eye care takes on everything that stands in the way of total eye radiance. Puffiness and dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles and even firmness. The well-known specialists of natural active ingredients and masters in formulating plants, Clarins Laboratories combines unique botanical ingredients in a formula that’s 94% from natural origins to offer you an exceptional eye contour treatment.



How does it work? What does it do.

When you’re 25? It blurs…

Dark circles and bags to diminish signs of fatigue when you’re low on beauty sleep and high in stress. See supple skin and a radiant, refreshed and wide-awake look.
When you’re 40? It lifts…
Expression lines and eyelids that have started to sag. Snap your eyes into awake mode for a more intense and luminous look.
When you’re 50? It replenishes…
The skin around eyelids and the eye contour for an open-eyed and visibly younger look.

Clarins New – Total Eye Lift

RRP €68

Available at Clarins stockists nationwide from 31st July and on Clarins.ie from 17th July 2020