If you’re all about minimalism and prefer to follow the “less is more” lifestyle in your home, there are often few things that can get in the way.

For one, not all appliances look pretty and sleek sitting on your countertop. Luckily, Currys has a wide range of stylish options, from radios and speakers to toasters, kettles, juicers and coffee machines, meaning you can seriously elevate your countertop this autumn!

Hot and Cold Drinks – If it’s a colourful kettle, coffee machine or juicer you’re looking for this autumn/winter, Currys has a range of gorgeous appliances that you know will look fabulous in your kitchen!!

Cooking – Over your ugly toaster? Feel like your countertop needs an upgrade? Well look no further. Currys’ range of stylish toasters and slow cookers mean you will find everything you want in store and online!



Radios – Smart speakers might be the choice these days, but there’s still a place for one of the best DAB radios for cooking in the kitchen, working in a home office or relaxing in the garden on a sunny day. Especially considering many of the top DAB radio devices are compact and look great, meaning you get all of the best quality, and all of the style!

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