The Salon

All Round Beauty is a well-established salon in Mayfield, well known in the area. Tucked into the heart of the community, they have had a revamp in recent months inside after the exterior was done late last year. One word to describe the team is glamourous, and the salon is small but perfect. They specialise in all areas of beauty treatments, including waxing, spray tans and nails. I had a pedicure and spray tan here in November and would highly recommend them. They are all about full-on glam!

They are also an expert Dermalogica Salon, and they do facials and skincare, which are loved by their clients. The owner, Kerry, recognised the need in recent times for a more 360-degree service list for her clients and so once a month they have Dr Minal attending the clinic, doing anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers and mesotherapy.

My Skin

Caring for my skin is something I am passionate about. I never really had spots as a teen but developed Psoriasis at 14. Dry flaky patches regularly appear on my skin and sometimes my face with no advanced warning. As I have aged, I have found red veins and pores to be the telling signs of my declining youth. I try to get as many high-powered facials as I can, as well as injectables. I am aiming to be fab at 40, so I have decided to embark on three rigorous months of facials. I am busy and don’t really have a lot of time for relaxing facials and want something that packs a punch. Read on…

The Treatment

Mesotherapy is a medical technology created in 1952 by the French doctor Michelle Pastor. It was recognised officially in 1987 by the French Medical Academy as part of traditional medicine.

Mesotherapy consists of a micro-injection of cocktails of active ingredients and vitamins, coenzymes, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and others in the surface, middle or deeper layer of the skin, depending on the treated zone, as well as the products and techniques employed.

The method provides precise infiltration of the active ingredients, which facilitate cell metabolism, stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis, control the processes of pigmentation and restore effective local microcirculation. The method of delivery in this instance was via a Dermapen, which is just like a regular pen but with a series of needles penetrating the skin to ensure maximum delivery of the cocktail of vitamins to the skin. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love a deep hydration shot?

Dr Minal performed the microneedling on me after some numbing agent was applied. My face was completely numb, and I couldn’t feel the procedure being carried out. The numbing cream is applied and left for around 20 minutes and then she started with the Filorga (a French brand) mesotherapy treatment. It’s quite hard to explain to people how the doctor assesses your requirements, because it is very much an individualised service. Things that are taken into consideration are, skin type, pain threshold and skin concerns.

The initial treatment leaves your skin feeling fresher and hydrated, but the results are progressive after several treatments. Essentially you are causing a little insult to the skin in order to promote repair. It is effective in achieving this. On certain parts of my skin the needle was at 0.5mm but on the fattier parts of my skin she was able to increase the depth to 2mm.

The Results  

Immediately afterwards my skin was red, and the sensation felt a little like sunburn for an hour or two but soon calmed down. It has been six weeks since my treatment and I am happy to report that my skincare is working better, and my face is looking great. I always tend to judge the effectiveness of any treatment by the comments of others, and to be honest I have got a lot of compliments on social media and in real life. I have started wearing lighter coverage foundation, as the pores seen smoother somehow.  I will have further treatments after Christmas and I’ll keep you all informed how I go!

All Round Beauty
2 Iona Road, Mayfield, Cork
021 450 8976