Delicious food, informative talks and a fun cookery demo were the order of the evening at ‘The Gut Instinct,’ an event at the Cork International Hotel sponsored by Cork company PrecisionBiotics.

‘The Gut Instinct,’ held on World Mental Health Day, was all about exploring and celebrating the often overlooked link between gut and brain health, and about how taking care of our gut can help hugely with our overall well being. Speaking on the night were Sleep Expert and Mayo native Tom Coleman who had fascinating insights into the benefits of a good night’s sleep on all aspects of our lives, and PrecisionBiotics Scientist Dr Elaine Patterson, who enlightened the audience with the science behind expressions like ‘listen to your gut’ and ‘a gut feeling.’

Centre stage was TV Chef and entrepreneur Eunice Power, whose cookery demo featured delicious ‘on the go’ dishes for people who are time poor but eager to eat well. Eunice cooked up several courses; including Kefir overnight oats and chia seed granola; broccoli, pea, spinach, miso and ginger superfood soup; and  chicken with wild mushrooms, pumpkin, rice and quinoa. To conclude the event, attendees were treated to goodie bags containing PrecisionBiotics’ products –  Alflorex, Zenflore and Alflorex Dual Action, over-the-counter supplements which are highly recommended by pharmacists.

Sleep Expert Tom Coleman, Dr Elaine Patterson PrecisionBiotics, Chef Eunice Power and MC Jonathan Healy, at The Gut Instinct, a cookery demo and information evening sponsored by PrecisionBiotics and held at The Cork International Hotel on World Mental Health Day. Photo: Alison Miles, OSM Photography

Speaking about the first ‘Gut Instinct’ roadshow event, Shirley O’Regan, Marketing Manager PrecisionBiotics said: “We were really delighted to share our insights with a Cork audience on the crucial link between gut and brain health, which has formed the basis of some of the incredible work our scientists do every day. It was also fantastic to team up with Sleep Expert Tom Coleman who shared brilliant tips and advice, and to see the talented Eunice Power in action as she whipped up dish after dish on stage, with all the ingredients carefully chosen to form delicious and healthy meals aimed at maintaining good gut health. We look forward to bringing ‘The Gut Instinct’ on the road in 2024.”

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