Vichy is delighted to introduce DERCOS Nutrients range to its haircare franchise. DERCOS researchers have discovered that behind luminous hair, lightweight fibre and fresh scalp, there is the right balance between its essential nutrients: omegas, proteins, antioxidants and vitamins. External factors, such as pollution, hard tap water and UV rays tend to disturb this balance of essential nutrients, leaving the scalp to become oily and sensitive and leaving hair looking dull, feeling dehydrated and rough to touch.

To maintain the health balance, DERCOS laboratories has created DERCOS NutrientsThe formulas are based on high-performance, natural actives to provide the right dose of hair nutrients, like quinoa bran rich in proteins, spirulina algae rich in antioxidants, acai berry rich in vitamins. Vichy has created a precise and balanced for each hair type – and nothing more: no silicone, no sulphates, and no parabens.

DETOX | Anti-Pollution

For hair and scalp which tend to get oily quickly

  • Shampoo €12
  • Conditioner €14
  • Dry Shampoo €11

Daily life conditions, like pollution, can unbalance natural hair and lead to sebum hyper production and scalp oxidation, leaving the hair oily, blocking air from the scalp. With purifying charcoal and detoxifying spirulina, the DETOX range cleanses the scalp from pollution residues for a refreshed scalp and healthy, lightweight hair.


Vitamin A.C.E | Stress and Fatigue

For hair and scalp which appears stressed and tired and has lost shine

  • Shampoo €12
  • Conditioner €14

The Vitamin A.C.E range rebalances the scalp and dull looking hair aggravated by stress, to unleash brightness for healthy scalp and shiny hair. The fortifying and energising plant and berry based ingredients, like aloe vera and acai berry, will brighten and hydrate hair, leaving hair shiny and soft.

Nutri Protein |Anti UV

For hair and scalp which has become dry and damaged due to UV or styling tools

  • Shampoo €12
  • Hair Mask €16

The Nutri Protein range nourishes the hair and scalp with proteins from quinoa bran and omegas 3, 6, 9 from pracaxi oil, bringing back all the healthy components needed for dried out hair. These restorative ingredients nourish the hair fibres, filling hair flaws for hair that is soft to touch and luminous in reflection.

Available at Minihan’s.