Tis the season to bestow the gift of fabulousness unto loved ones – and Voduz – the go-to haven for at-home Hair Mastery, is unwrapping a shimmering array of Gift Sets that’ll ensure they rock the spotlight this Christmas.

Voduz live and breathe the philosophy that your hair is your style’s grand masterpiece. These enchanting toolkits are the hush-hush secrets behind achieving a crown of sheer splendour – whether your dreams dance with tousled boho waves, or yearn for the sleekest, glossiest locks in town.


  1. Hair Styling Regime: Mist & Manetane

    RRP: €39.95

Who needs tinsel when you can have fabulous tresses? Elevate your hair game this Christmas with the Mist & Manetain set. Loaded with three must-have styling superstars and a snazzy limited-edition golden Invented 3D Flat Brush, it’s the ultimate all-arounder for stunning strands.

  • Defender Heat Protection Spray
  • Trend Setter Extra Stronghold Hair Spray
  • Prep Talk Dry Texture Spray
  • Limited Edition Gold Invented 3D Flat Brush
  1. Shiny Hair Regime: Gloss and Glow

    RRP: €42.95

Get ready to sparkle with the Gloss & Glow Set. This fantastic bundle brings together a harmonious blend of intensely hydrating and nourishing products, guaranteeing a salon-quality transformation that sprinkles a dash of holiday magic to parched or unruly locks.

  • Cleanse It Illuminating Shampoo
  • Condition It Illuminating Conditioner
  • R’Oil Hydrating Oil
  • Limited Edition Gold Final Filter Texture Comb
  1. Blow Out: Limited Edition Gold Infrared Hair Dryer

    RRP: €89.95

This opulent, limited edition hair dryer is set to redefine your haircare routine. The remarkable magic lies within its cutting-edge infrared heat technology, which transforms your drying experience into a sumptuous indulgence. It’s more than just drying your hair; it’s a moisture-preserving, shine-amplifying, time-saving marvel right in the palm of your hand!

  1. Legacy: Limited Edition Gold Infrared Straightener

    RRP:  €159.95

Imagine effortlessly turning heads as you glide through your day with hair that exudes radiant beauty from morning till night. Behold the golden Infrared Straightener – it’s not just any styling tool; it’s the golden ticket to salon-quality, sleek hair that refuses to surrender, no matter what the day throws at you. Guaranteed to make you the belle of the ball and the star of any gift exchange – this luxe straightener is your secret weapon for turning heads and winning hearts.

All gift sets are available to purchase via www.voduzhair.com from October 20th, and in stockists nationwide.