A favourite facial for celebs, such as Emma Stone, Eva Mendes, JLo, Ashley Graham, Jennifer Aniston, Anthea Turner and Kate Middleton, CACI is must-have for toned, beautiful skin.

The CACI Synergy Facelift at the award-winning The Wicklow Street Clinic is the easiest way to tone and lift your face with no downtime and no surgery. It’s the perfect pre-Christmas party treat!

Celebrities often have a top-up CACI treatment just before red carpet events, as it gives them that extra radiant glow; their skin looks plumped and youthful and they naturally radiate beauty.

How does it work?

The CACI Synergy works by using a dual action head to deliver collagen boosting red and blue LED technology; while simultaneously toning muscles of the face and neck with a patented deep microcurrent. The treatment includes an ultrasonic actuator, wrinkle comb – yes, a wrinkle comb – and an orbital abrader, all of which hydrate, smooth, energise skin cells and help renew and return skin texture to its former glory!


  • Lifts facial muscles.

  • Brightens and hydrates the skin.

  • Heals and encourages cellular renewal.

  • Increases elastin and collagen in the skin.

  • Heals scar marks.

  • Boosts overall skin vitality by stimulating cells.

A course of six CACI treatments are generally recommended and then maintenance is also recommended to retain the beneficial effects of CACI.

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