As well as being a physical thing wellness is very much based around our emotions and how we feel. Dandruff can be a serious problem affecting self-confidence. 73% of people believe dandruff makes them less attractive, while 72% had tried to hide their dandruff from other people. Now, Klorane Laboratories presents the ultimate, anti-dandruff plant-based solution.

Galangal Root Extract – The Natural1 Anti-Dandruff Solution

Galangal root extract – a member of the Zingiberaceae family– has astonishing purifying, cleansing and antibacterial properties. It is a potent natural1 and scientifically proven anti dandruff alternative, shown in trials to be just as effective as Zinc Pyrithione.

Galangal’s main claim to hero ingredient fame?  Speed of action. Galangal has been shown to act 4x faster that Zinc Pyrithione[4] – meaning less visible flakes, less effort and less stress.

    Klorane Anti-dandruff Exfoliating and Treating Powder Mask with Galangal

Klorane Anti-dandruff Exfoliating and Treating Powder Mask with Galangal is a plant based waterless powder mask. Its formulation combines Galangal extract with volcanic perlite microparticles to gently lift visible flakes, along with green and white clays to absorb sebum. Forget scalp-irritating repeated washing – this innovative powder mask cleanses, and help removes visible flakes at the same time, leaving hair fresh and flake free. The biodegradable[5], vegan and waterless[6] formulation helps your flaky hair while supporting an eco-conscious you.

One Step Anti-Dandruff Solution

  • Removes up to 100% of persistent flakes and itching caused by dandruff from the 1st application[7]
  • 4 weeks anti-reappearance7
  • 89% less ITCHING from dandruff after one application7
  • 83% less DISCOMFORT after one application7

Simply add a few drops of water to transform the mask into a creamy foam that will leave hair refreshed and clean. Massage to lather all over the scalp and leave on for 1-2 minutes, rinse with warm water. Use only for one-month, 2 sachets per week in replacement of your shampoo and care. Follow up with our matching Anti-dandruff shampoo for regular use to help maintain flake-free hair.

Sustainable Sourcing

Klorane Laboratories Galangal extract is sourced in South Asia. Harvested by hand after the rainy season to optimise ingredient quality, the molecules are extracted using a 100% natural, solvent free process. The product has a vegan formulation and is presented in recyclable packaging. Klorane is committed to the planet and has partnered with the Coeur de Forêt charity to act locally in Indonesia to help the inhabitants of the island of Flores to protect their forest and its biodiversity and educate young people to better live with it.

Klorane Anti-dandruff Exfoliating and Treating Powder Mask with Galangal: €19 – 8 sachets.

Klorane Galangal will be available from Irish pharmacies nationwide and online at, The Skin Nerd & The Chemist Warehouse from the end of September.

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