Wellness is all about me time. Small rituals help us to focus on ourselves and take time to look after ourselves. Now it is time, get ready to look and feel your best thanks to the exciting new additions to ALDI’s Lacura range. Are you ready to replenish your bathroom cabinet and revitalise your haircare, skincare, and beauty routine, as new must-have products hit the shelves of ALDI stores nationwide? We thought so!



Discover the calming, soothing properties of CBD with Lacura’s new CBD-inspired skincare line! See what the hype is all about and treat yourself to a self-care moment with the Lacura CBD Sheet Mask €2.99. Destress and reset with the refreshing Lacura CBD Facial Cleanser €5.99 and balancing Lacura CBD Facial Toner €5.99. Top it all off with the ultra-gentle and calming Lacura CBD Facial Moisturiser €5.99.

In a rush? Keep your hair looking fresh between washes with Lacura’s Perfect Proof Dry Shampoo €3.29. Its fast-absorbing formula helps mimic the appearance of freshly washed hair and, unlike some dry shampoos, leaves no unwanted residue behind. The result? Hair so fresh and shiny that nobody will suspect it’s second (or third!) day hair.

Make every day a good hair day with ALDI’s new range of bond-building haircare products including the Lacura Bonded Pre-Wash Hair Treatment €3.99 and Lacura Bonded Shampoo/Conditioner €3.99. Specifically formulated to repair, strengthen and hydrate hair, these game-changing products help minimise the appearance of split ends; strengthen the hair shaft and prevent breakage; detangle hair; and soothe hair cuticles to reduce flyaways. Suitable for all hair types, this is the new haircare routine you’ve been waiting for!

Clear out your makeup bag and stock up on new beauty essentials that will help unlock your inner radiance this summer. Ensure your brow game is on point with Lacura Microfilling Pen/Brow Gel €3.99. Hide blemishes and imperfections with the Lacura Radiant Take Cover Concealer €4.99. Sweet cheeks! Add a subtle flush to your cheeks with Lacura Blusher €5.99. Make a statement with bold lashes thanks to Lacura Mascara €5.99 and Keep makeup looking flawless and camera-ready with Lacura Setting Powder €5.99.


Also arriving in ALDI stores is the highly touted Lacura Vitabase Primer €6.99. Formulated with vitamins B, C and E as well as shea butter, it promises to nourish, hydrate, and provide the perfect base for flawless makeup application!

With prices starting from just €2.99, there has never been a better time to overhaul your beauty routine! See below for a full list of brand new Lacura products arriving in ALDI stores nationwide from July 28th:

  • Lacura CBD Sheet Mask €2.99 Choose from Charcoal or Tea Tree with 20mg CBD isolate.
  • Lacura Perfect Proof Dry Shampoo €3.29 Fast absorbing, residue-free formula that mimics the effects of freshly washed hair.
  • Lacura Bonded Pre-Wash Hair Treatment €3.99 (100ml) At home hair treatment to help repair the look of damaged hair.
  • Lacura Bonded Conditioner €3.99 (250ml) A rich and moisturising conditioner for healthy and manageable hair.
  • Lacura Bonded Shampoo €3.99 (250ml) Shampoo for moisturised and smooth hair.
  • Lacura Microfilling Pen/Brow Gel €3.99 Choose from dark or medium brown Microblade Effect Pen or Clear Brow Gel.
  • Lacura Natural Deodorant €3.99 Choose from Coconut & Vanilla, Mango or Cucumber & Mint.
  • Lacura Radiant Take Cover Concealer €4.99 Liquid formula to help build up coverage. Choose from 6 shades.
  • Lacura Blusher €5.99 Choose from Candy or Coral.
  • Lacura CBD Facial Cleanser/Toner €5.99 (120ml) ​​Choose from Facial Cleanser or Facial Toner.
  • Lacura CBD Facial Moisturiser €5.99 (50ml)
  • Lacura Mascara €5.99 Choose from Regular or Waterproof.
  • Lacura Setting Powder €5.99 Translucent loose face powder.
  • Lacura Vitabase Primer €6.99 Moisturising face primer formulated with vitamins B, C and E and Shea Butter.