Some people choose their career paths and some are destined to have their career paths shown to them through their natural talents. Brian Roche is one such person.

Brian is Managing Director and baker at Baker Boy Cakes, the Cork cake creator you need to have on speed dial. He comes across as a humble man, stating he’s a fully registered and insured home baker who works from his home, but Brian is a true master of large confections.

“My passion for baking stems from my grandmother and then my own mum, whom I helped bake with, even as a small child. During my school days I went on to study Home Economics to Junior Cert level, training then as a chef for a number of years before following my dreams and travelling to Birmingham to study a Diploma in Bakery and I’ve never looked back!”

Following his extensive training, Brian was a supervisor at a bakery for 15 years, and so knows everything there is to know about running a successful and sustainable bakery – the kind people will keep ordering from, for every occasion. And so, in 2014, he decided to run Baker Boy Cakes part-time and it wasn’t long – just two short years later – that Brian was able to take that leap and make his passion his full-time job.

“At Baker Boy Cakes, I aim to provide unique, personalised cakes for all special occasions, from weddings to birthdays.”

Baker Boy Cakes specialises in gorgeous wedding cakes, almost too beautiful to eat – but you still should, they’re delicious! Brian offers delivery of his wedding cakes to many of the hotels in Cork City and County and if they are within a 30-minute drive, delivery is free; a wonderful gift for any couple of their big day!

“Wedding cakes are my favourite. I love working with the bride and groom to bring details of their wedding in to the design of their wedding cake, be it the lace from the dress, matching the colour scheme, their wedding theme or creating handmade sugar crafted flowers to match the bridal bouquet. Each and every wedding cake is so unique and so personal.”

Each bespoke cake is homemade using only the finest and freshest of ingredients. “They are handcrafted by me, ensuring each cake is as perfect as can be.” The cakes come in an array of flavours to choose from. “There’s something to suit everyone’s taste buds!”

And while Brian specialises in bridal cakes, he also has a great talent and immeasurable experience in cakes for Christenings, birthdays, Communions, Confirmations and any other special occasion ou wish to mark – nothing it off limits for Brian!

Never one to shy away from a creative challenge, Brian has also mastered the perfect delicious and gorgeous mini-cake – the cupcake! These are the perfect party favour for your guests.

“You can be confident in knowing that whatever you choose in both flavour and design, it will be freshly made to your requirements, just for you.”

Baker Boy Cakes
Clayland, Ballymakeigh, Ballymacoda, Cork
024 98026