Yesterday was World Oral Health Day and we have 4 key products to get those pearly whites

Looking to improve your dental hygiene routine without putting in too much effort? Listen up!

Dental hygiene routines can often sound a little laborious and for most of us, brushing twice a day is quite enough effort to be expending. If you’re anything like me, you’ll dabble a bit when it comes to flossing or mouthwash but you haven’t quite established as good a dental hygiene routine as you would like.

When it comes to waging the war against plaque, I know I could be doing more. I’m not about to commit to a Ned Flandersesque 30mintue regime, however so with this in mind I’ve identified three key products that I think will elevate my smile to a new level.

Product #1:

DenTek’s Extra Gentle Floss Picks have an advanced fluoride coating and are made of soft ribbon floss to prevent discomfort. Flossing is an ideal first step to remove food particles, reduce tooth decay and remove plaque. They are currently on offer on the Boots website for €6.99 for a pack of 75.























Product #2:

Beverly Hills Perfect White Gold Toothpaste is an amazing formula that helps to remove stains and brighten teeth. It is usually stocked in Sam McCauley Chemists and is currently retailing online for €3.74






















Product #3:

The Beverly Hills Formula Gold Mouthwash is made with real gold to reduce inflammation and remove leftover bacteria, giving you minty fresh breath! Perfect White Gold Mouthwash is available in selected pharmacies and currently on special offer in Tesco for €2.74



























There you have it, ladies, Cheshire Cat grins all round for minimal effort!