From your favourite brands to great value eggs and Aldi’s Luxury Egg collection

Hot Cross Bun Chocolates, Giant Ostrich Egg, Egg in Birdcage and more!!


Everyone wants to wake up to chocolate on Easter Sunday, and this year, you’ll find an amazing selection of eggs in your local Aldi store! With Easter chocolate from 99 cent, there’s something there for everyone!

All of your favourite brands:

  • Kinder Joy – €0.99/20g
  • Galaxy Golden Eggs – €1.49/80g
  • Maltesers Mini Bunnies – €1.59/58g
  • Cadbury Crème Egg – €1.59/138g
  • Mars Medium Egg – €1.59/141g
  • Cadbury Buttons Medium Egg – €1.59/128g
  • Cadbury Crunchie Medium Egg – €1.59/134g
  • Smarties Medium Egg – €1.59/122g
  • Terry’s Chocolate Orange – €1.99/157g
  • Cadbury Crème Eggs 5 pack – €2.49
  • Maltesers Teasers Egg – €3.99/248g
  • Cadbury Twirl Egg – €3.99/262g
  • Maltesers Box – €4.99/360g
  • Ferrero Rocher – €4.99/200g
  • Thorntons Classic Collection – €5.99/248g
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Egg – €9.99/311g
  • Maltesers Extra Large Bunny Egg – €9.99/265g

Great value Easter Eggs and Sweets:

  • Mini Filled Characters/Eggs €0.79/70g or 84g
  • Milk Buttons Easter Egg €0.99/128g
  • Mini Chocolate Eggs Easter Egg €0.99/128g
  • Chocolate Bunny €0.99/100g
  • Milk Chocolate Bunny €1.19/150g
  • Easter Lollies €1.19/150g – 10 pack
  • Mini Bunnies €1.29/50g
  • Milk Chocolate Bunny €1.49/100g
  • Easter Treasures €1.49/100g – Choose from Bunnies, Chicks or Eggs.
  • Specially Selected Easter Fudge €1.99/150g – Choose from Clotted Cream, Lemon Meringue or Hot Cross Bun.
  • Eggjoyables €1.99/144g – Choose from Chocolate Mousse or Milk Cream.
  • Easter Egg Mallows €2.49/288g – 24 pack.
  • Hollow Characters €2.99/200g – Choose from Danny the Dinosaur or Sparkle the Unicorn.
  • Easter Egg Hunt Kit €3.99/390g
  • Curious Inventions Egg €3.99/200g – Choose from Popping Candy or Honeycomb.
  • Giant Milk Chocolate Bunny €5.99/450g
  • Easter Egg & Toy €5.99/132.5g – Choose from Danny the Dinosaur or Sparkle the Unicorn.
  • Gluten Free Easter Egg €7.99/300g – Choose from Milk or Dark Chocolate.

The Art of Chocolate – This year’s luxury egg collection is made with the finest chocolate from around the world. Discover delicious flavour combinations and stunning designs, all at amazing Aldi value.

  • Moo Free From Easter Egg – €4.49 per 125g/110g – Choose from Original, Bunnycomb or Orange. These dairy free Easter eggs are made using organic rice milk chocolate and are perfect for people that have food allergies or are vegan.
  • Choceur Easter Egg Collection €4.99/ 300g – .
  • Moser Roth Delectable Duo Egg €4.99/200g 
  • Moser Roth Hand-Decorated Ripple Egg €4.99/200g – A unique and delicious, hand- decorated ripple egg, crafted by expert chocolatiers.
  • Hot Cross Bun Chocolates €4.99/160g – 4 chocolate hot cross buns, flavoured with an orange and white chocolate mix containing ginger, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, raisins and candied orange.
  • Mini Gifting Eggs €5.99/230g – 21 luxury flavoured Belgian chocolate eggs presented in an elegant Easter gift box.
  • The Egg Box €5.99/180g – 15 piece luxury gift box with filled decorated eggs in 7 flavours.
  • Moser Roth Single Origin Cocoa Pod €6.99/150g – Shaped like a Peruvian chocolate cocoa pod, finished with a metallic ombre-effect lustre.
  • Specially Selected Exquisite Ruby Egg €11.99/350g – Ruby chocolate is a new variety of chocolate, made from the ruby cocoa bean. Experts love the fruity flavour and amazing colour. A hollow, hand-decorated diamond with a luxurious shimmer finish and an impressively presented pyramid of metallic chocolate gems, each filled with their own indulgent blend of flavours, including Maldon Sea Salt Caramel, Pecan Praline and Kir Royale. On sale now.
  • Moser Roth Giant Ostrich Egg €13.99/800g – Just look at the size of this! The Giant Ostrich Egg is made from a mixture of white chocolate and caramelised sugar powder speckles. The result is an impressive 800g Easter egg with a rich, creamy, caramelly taste and a realistic, textured finish. On sale now.
  • Specially Selected Exquisite Birdcage and Egg €15.99/750g – A chocolate masterpiece! The perfect presentation of Easter extravagance, taste and craftsmanship. The inner egg, made from dark chocolate, Guerande sea salted caramel and feuilletine pieces, depicts a stunning birds of paradise pattern in a gold shimmer. This is then enclosed and presented in what makes this egg so amazing – a milk chocolate cage, precisely cut and hand finished with a coat of shimmering bronze. The finest, most complex egg we have ever produced. On sale now.