When it comes to buzzword ingredients, there’s no doubt Kombucha springs to mind. Kombucha is a gentle and ideal methodof maintaining the natural balance of the skin. Inspired by the trending ingredient, efficacious and affordable gen Z skincarebrand, Skin Proud is pleased to announce their latest product Sleep
Defence.A complimentary overnight mask formulated with a uniquecombination of black tea, yeast and bacteria to keep your skin’s microbiome balanced whilst helping to protect against environmental stressors which can cause premature ageing. The products boast a new green coloured packaging, demonstrating Skin Proud’s latest move to enhance their ethos around skincare transparency, as an easy way to decipher between the targeted
skincare solutions. The new product designed to revive and re-energise.


sleep defence calming kombucha overnight mask 75ml, €15.95 Is your skin in need of some loving? Calm tired and dull skin with Skin Proud Sleep Defence. This powerfulovernight mask is infused with kombucha to helpcombat redness, and niacinamide for super soft, supple skin. This softening gel mask gets to work
whilst you sleep, leaving your skin refreshed, energised and glowing. We are so onbaord with this! Minimun work, maximum results .