A haze of hairspray is how I remember Saturday Mornings in my house. My mother Jenny, a fan of the strong hold hairspray that I now use myself. The gold bottle is now even available in a handbag size. I didn’t realise that this year the brand is 60 years old as it seemed so new and fresh in the 80’s. Even now at Hi HQ we have a bottle in the bathroom and no other hairspray comes close!




Since 1960 L’Oréal Paris Elnett has elevated and held hairstyles of all kinds and helped women expresstheir own personal style, whether it be the beehivesin the sixties or perms in the eighties. And now we celebrate the 60th birthday of the golden icon, Elnett.
Like a baton, it has been passed down through generations of strong women, with the iconic gold standard hairspray standing the test of time too. The famous hairspray that “disappears at the stroke of a brush” is just as much a style staple today as it was
when it was originally invented. Thirteen years after Elnett launched, in 1973, 23-year-old copywriter Ilon Specht coined the
phrase “You’re worth it”. Specht wanted to empower women and said, “Because I’m worth it’ makes itabout me and my choice and myself” and the slogan has been synonymous with the brand ever since.Through the years Elnett has adapted: the size of the
cans has been reduced by 16% in efforts to make the iconic brand more sustainable by reducing the amountof packaging produced.For its 60th birthday Elnett wears a new coat:a limited edition can highlighting the important message of female empowerment: ‘For 60 years women hold strong!’

Here’s to the next 60 years of iconic style!