Red veins on any part of the body, especially the face, can be tough to deal with. They can arise from a number of reasons that could be environmental or hereditary and can worsen if they’re not treated. If you’re self-conscious about red veins it can be annoying having to constantly wear heavy make-up if you feel you want to cover them up. As we are heading into spring now is a great time to treat them and get your skin clear and glowy for 2020.


The Wicklow Street Clinic proudly offers a bespoke, comfortable and precise laser red vein removal treatment plan for men and women with a free consultation and patch test that provides excellent results in a very short time, and best of all, they offer a free consultation and patch test to ensure a seamless and short process for the treatment.


As you can see in the before and after from The Wicklow Street Clinic, the results are dramatic and this was from one session of Red Vein Laser Therapy! (Please note that results vary depending on skin type.)


Combining the latest Laser and IPL Technology, The Wicklow Street Clinic gives the broadest choice of treatment options for red veins, high colour, sensitive skin and rosacea. Carried out by the clinic’s highly-experienced, professionally trained therapists the treatment is comfortable and safe.


The treatment plans include an assessment of your skin that allows the clinic to tailor your treatment specifically to your skincare needs, and is typically treated from one to three sessions over four week intervals. Sessions are conducted using WSC’s Brr-eez cooling system to ensure comfort and fast skin recovery.


For more information about this life-changing treatment, please visit for more details.


The Wicklow Street Clinic’s treatment packages are as follows:


15 min- Cost €125 – Course of 3 is €300

30min -Cost €150 – Course of 3 is €400