Where beauty and wellness meet the next generation of superhero ingredients – Tech  Powered Luxury host Ashley McDonnell sits down with Dr. Helena McMahon, the co-founder  of Seabody, an Irish seaweed-based Skincare and Supplement brand dominating the  industry, while still in its infancy.  

Described as “the true embodiment of the concept of tech powered luxury”, Ashley and Dr.  Helena McMahon discuss the path to develop Seabody, the ins and outs of this homegrown  brand and how they are revolutionising the sustainable lifestyle market in the latest episode  of Tech Powered Luxury.  

Starting off by delving deep into her career origins, Dr. Helena discusses her fascination with  discovery and childhood dream of becoming an air hostess, explaining “I thought going out  and discovering the world was just the most exciting thing” that was until she discovered the 

human body, and in her words “that was it for me”. Wanting to know every intricate detail of  how the body worked, Dr. Helena holds a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science, a  master’s in Molecular Medicine and a PhD in Gene and Cellular Therapeutics. 

At the end of her extensive scientific education, McMahon came away with one main  epiphany; “I realised nature is actually the most intelligent technology on the planet” she  says, “…it created all of these amazing molecules over millennia of evolution that actually  have health benefits.” 

Dr. Helena McMahon speaks about the moment Seabody was born, when scientific research  uncovered molecules through a marine biodiscovery project which resulted in the  development of a zero-waste process for the production of seaweed derived bioactives for  next generation targeted skin care and super supplements for skin, joint, digestive, immune  and immune health describing it as a “pandoras box of magic” ingredients.  

Elaborating on the extraction of these molecules, “..we disassemble the plant, grab the  molecules and the sort them into little piles and figured out what they do.” 

Initially Dr. Helena McMahon and the team had no idea what the results would be, stating  “we had a look at them in the lab, and the data revealed that, these are really good for  collagen and elastin, and hydration… these are really good for your microbiome… this is  good for your immune system.” and so Seabody was born. 

When speaking about the main challenges the founder faced, Dr. Helena discusses the fears  around introducing such a science backed brand, ensuring the products were understood  by the customer, “We’re bringing brand new ingredients and molecules to market, and we

have developed state of the art technologies for the identification and isolation of  molecules” McMahon states, “making sure that consumers can understand the value  Proposition can be really challenging when there is so much technology behind it” Dr. Helena’s mission is to ensure that Seabody is recognised as brand that simplifies your daily  proactive health and wellness routine and gives reassurance that your skin care and  supplement choices are aligned with living more sustainably. It is the total of all the choices  we make in a day, week, month and year that positively contribute to our personal health  and the health of the planet. Seabody have taken the time to invest in sustainable wellness  innovation to deliver on this, with every element considered from Sea to Self.  

In the episode, Dr. Helena McMahon also speaks about the importance of circularity and  environmentalism within her company. “if we ..go to nature for these molecules to create  new products… then we absolutely need to do that in a really, really sustainable  way.” Furthermore stating “you shouldn’t have to sacrifice or diminish the quality and the  luxury experience that you have just because something is natural and sustainable.” 

When discussing her distain towards the dark truths of ‘sustainable’ and ‘clean’ beauty  brands, Dr. Helena says, “ What beauty means is completely different from brand to brand..  There’s no single standard that says, ‘clean’ or ‘sustainable’ beauty and wellness,.. this differs  from band to brand and can be confusing when we discovering new products”. Dr Helena  discusses the work that is globally to create new standards and how each company has a  responsibility in their design and production of products.  

When discussing Seabody’s response to this, Dr. Helena says, “…at the core of circularity  really is all around delivering positive impact” she continues, “that means a positive impact  on the planet, a positive impact on your customers, and also a positive impact on the  relationships that you have created in your supply chain”. 

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