Our eyes are a sensitive organ, and hence they must be treated with respect to ensure they continue to function as well as possible for us. So instead of putting eyelash glue on them like a recent TikTok Trend, KISS have the solution with Falscara (RRP €29.14/£26.23), because if you can mascara you can Falsacara. 

A new way to lash, KISS brings you innovative technology once again with their Falscara. These beginner friendly lengthening WISPS come with an intuitive mascara-like applicator making it easy to use even for false lash newbies!  KISS Falscara is a DIY salon-style lash extension alternative with gentle ingredients. 

What’s so unique about Falscara? Unlike traditional falsies, Falscara WISPS are tiny clusters of featherlight false lashes that go under your natural lashes, so the bands aren’t visible. That’s what makes them look so natural. 

How to use: 

Step 1: Brush a light coat of BOND on natural lashes. A little goes a long way!

Step 2: Use the included APPLICATOR to pluck a WISP from the tray. As shown, pick up a WISP from the middle-outer end for optimal control. One by one, gently place the WISPS underneath the base of your natural lashes, slightly away from the waterline. Apply wisps starting from the outer corner of the lash line, working inwards (or vice versa). Place WISPS right next to each other for a seamless look.

Step 3: Dab a thin coat of SEAL under WISPS to eliminate any sticky residue and hold WISPS in place. Pro tips: If needed, after applying SEAL under WISPS, use the APPLICATOR or your fingers to squeeze the WISPS against your natural lashes; this helps the WISPS adhere for a more secure hold.


Saturate a cotton pad with Falscara REMOVER or oil-free makeup remover.

Place pad over eyes for 10 seconds, then gently wipe or peel off WISPS and BOND & SEAL.

KISS Falscara Overnighter (RRP €11.29/£9.97)

It’s the product we’ve all been waiting for, make your gorgeous Falscara lashes last up to an amazing 10 days, with the Falscara Overnighter! A new addition to the FALSCARA system, makes FALSCARA WISPS wear more like real Lash Extensions! Overnighter is an option for extended wear of WISPS, so if you can Mascara… you can Falscara for longer!

KISS Falscara Starter Kit (RRP €29.14/£26.23)

KISS Products will be available at McCauleys Pharmacy and other stockist nationwide. 

And Medicare Pharmacy in Northern Ireland.