The Hair Fix We’ve Been Waiting For!

Celebrity Hair Stylist and Raven App Founder Trudy Hayes didn’t take Lockdown lying down and is proud to present the Raven Hair Stick, a must-have fix for flyaway hair, a summer up-do and much more.


Whilst primarily developed as a pocket-sized essential for smoothing broken and flyaway hairs, this product also provides substantial hold for softer looks and waves which often require hairspray.


Hayes has tended to the tresses of countless celebrities and rock stars in addition to working on fashion shoots with Vogue, Glamour and Style magazine during the past 20 plus years.  


“A stray hair can end up ruining a shot and causing a lot of stress for photographers and models” says Hayes.  “Hairspray only goes so far, but can also change the texture of the hair, a soft look can suddenly become hard and ‘crunchy’.  I had the idea of developing this product years ago but Lockdown allowed me the time to do it properly, choosing an exact formula of ingredients that would provide a polished but not over-styled finish.”


Available in a handy 10ml tube, each Raven Stick contains Jojoba Oil for growth, Evening Primrose for strength and growth and Camellia oil for protection and growth. These natural oils in addition to copolymer provide a soft hold whilst providing a glossy finish and encouraging natural growth.  The mascara-like spoolie brush ensures that just the right amount of product is dispensed whilst allowing precise style management.


“I’ve had a great response to this, especially from other stylists but also from post-partum Mothers who may be dealing with hair breakage.  This is also a great hair hack Brides to be and outdoor wedding photography, especially in windy Irish weather or to complete a slick back beach look both at home and abroad” says Hayes. 


With an RRP of just €8.00, the product is cruelty free and comes in a fully recyclable container.


Currently available from, Trudy hopes to have wider distribution in pharmacies and on beauty counters later in the year.