Whether it is a staycation you are planning or your first trip abroad over the weeks and months ahead, HEIRE is here to stay and becoming a fixed staple for travel bag essentials when you can’t make it to your local salon.
HEIRE, (pronounced Hair, a legacy to the brand’s Irish roots, Eire/Ireland) is an Irish owned at home waxing solution, for times when you cannot make it to your professional salon. Brought to you by founders, Ellen Kavanagh and Trish O’Brien, of award-winning professional waxing brand, Waxperts. With over 32 years’ experience between them, Ellen and Trish have owned and operated a successful waxing only salon for over 13 years and truly are the ultimate Waxperts!

HEIRE was born as a result of a gap identified in the global waxing market by Ellen and Trish. The devastating impacts caused by COVID leading to salons shutting down led to the duo noticing there was not an at home substitute where you could still achieve salon results at an impeccable standard. One of the elements they noticed was the look and feel of the current market product offerings:
“Any time we travelled; we always went looking for home waxing products to see what was on offer. And no matter where we were around the world, the choice was poor in the grocery stores and were only located beside the sanitary products and deodorant. (The products) were often a garish colour with poor quality wax. Where were the beautiful & stylish product offerings with salon quality wax that sat in beauty stores beside the hair and body products?”
That’s when Ellen and Trish knew they wanted to cause disruption! They wanted to create something that stood beautifully on your bathroom shelf, contained the best ingredients but also the most innovative at-home wax on the market. Waxing by nature is an intimate beauty treatment and there are a lot of people who prefer to control that within their own space. Ellen and Trish knew they could offer as near to a salon waxing treatment as possible with their knowledge and product development expertise, leading to HEIRE being born.

*€10.00 (limited time introductory price – €13.99 RRP)
Ready to use 3 step kits with unique design for precision removal. Use on legs, backs, chests, toes. Not suitable for face, underarm or bikini. Made by professional waxers for at-home use. HEIRE will help you achieve the very best results possible, using the best wax with some top tips along the way. Experience brought directly to you.
Each kit includes:
• 20 Large Wax Strips
• 20 Small Wax Strips
• 2 Pre-Wax Wipes
• 2 After-Wax Wipes
• Easy to use. ‘S’ shaped easy to pull grip on our wax strips.
Flexible, easy removal. Works on short hairs 1.5mm-3mm. Delicate and gentle scent and with soothing oils from oats, coconuts and rice. Step by step instructions are on the inside of the kit, as well as top tips from the founders. Vegetarian friendly.
*€18.99 (limited time introductory price. €21.99 RRP)

An easy 3 step kit for precision removal. We recommend our Hot Wax Kit for face (eyebrows, upper lip, facial hair) underarm and bikini waxing.
Each Waxing Kit includes:
• 2 Pre-Wax Wipes
• 2 After-Wax Wipes
• Large bamboo spatula
• Small bamboo spatula
• 85g of hot wax pellets
• Microwavable jar (can be used in hot water in a pot).
• Salon quality hot wax pellets you melt in your microwave. For delicate areas like the face, underarm, bikini.