We all know that our skin needs an extra boost of hydration to combat the effects of cold and harsh weather during winter. But not many know that it’s just as important to hydrate the skin during the warmer months when we are dealing with external factors such as sun, air-conditioning, salt water and chlorine! Many of these factors can diminish the skin’s water content resulting in dehydrated skin. Symptoms of dehydrated skin include dryness, tightness, fine lines and uneven skin tone.

Eau Thermale Avène, a leader in sensitive skincare, has the perfect range of lightweight hydrating options for all skin types with the hero hydrating product for summer being the Hydrance Aqua Gel.

This incredible innovation from Avène provides three-in-one care for your skin: apply a light veil as your daily moisturiser or a thicker layer at night for a deeply hydrating mask. Ideal for use all over the face and eye contour, it hydrates, soothes and detoxifies the skin to restore its natural hydration levels.


The Hydrance Aqua-Gel is a visibly dense gel at first sight which breaks into a beautiful fresh water formula when applied to the skin. The unique formula combines 75% Avène Thermal Spring Water and patented active CohedermTM to hydrate, soothe and detoxify. The delicate blend offers immediate comfort and a soothing feeling upon application.

The Hydrance Aqua Gel also contains two incredible active ingredients to help detoxify and protect the skin – Pre-Tocopheryl and Dextran Sulfate. Pre-Tocopheryl is a cellular antioxidant, meaning that it helps to protect the skin from free radicals, whilst Dextran Sulfate helps to decongest and drain the skin.

Each carefully chosen ingredient helps to position the Hydrance Aqua Gel as an all-in-one hero product, providing long-lasting effective hydration, detoxification, restoration of the natural protective barrier all while smoothing dehydration lines, leaving skin plump and soft.

How to use;

  • Daily – Apply a thin layer on the face, neck and eye contour area in the morning.

  • As a night mask – Apply a thicker layer before bedtime and leave-on all night for fresh and rested skin in the morning.

  • On the eye contour – Apply from the inner corner to the outer corner, to pamper this sensitive area

The Hydrance Aqua Gel is available from www.boots.ie and from pharmacies nationwide and is priced at €30