Beautiful Underwear Made from Trees! Introducing Bon + Berg: The Fusion of Comfort, Quality, and Sustainability in Women’s Essentials

Bon + Berg, an innovative underwear brand with a passion for sustainability, was founded by Siobhán Dunphy, a designer hailing from Dublin but living in the alpine city of Innsbruck, Austria. Bon + Berg supports slow fashion and makes beautiful yet simple lingerie designs inspired by nature.

Siobhan aims to design comfortable, high-quality underwear that women love putting on in the morning – bras and panties that allow you to feel beautiful and comfortable without compromising the health of the planet. With sizes ranging from petite to curvy, Bon + Berg ensures that every woman can find her perfect fit and feel comfortable in her own skin.

The fabric:

Did you know fabric can be made from wood pulp? All Bon + Berg products are made from a super-soft material called Micro Modal. Micro modal is produced using a complex purification process, in which wood chips from responsibly harvested beech trees are converted into cellulose, which is later woven into a luxurious fabric.

The fabrication process uses some chemicals, which is why Modal is considered a semi-synthetic material. However, closed-loop production means that the chemicals used to make the fabric are reused, making micro modal a sustainable fibre.

The collection:

Bon + Berg’s collection showcases an array of stunning bras and panties, designed to celebrate the diverse beauty of women. Bon + Berg’s new products include a bandeau bralette, a soft triangle bra suitable for larger busts, and a sportier yoga-style bralette with a strappy back.

Bon + Berg’s existing collection consists of 3 bras – a triangle bra, wrap bra, and a sportier style bralette.

Products come in black, mint green, and coral blue. With a new colour launching next month – peach pink.


Bon + Berg prioritises comfort, quality, and sustainability in every aspect of its design and production process. Each piece of underwear is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring a perfect fit and lasting comfort. Siobhan says: “My hope is that as a brand we can increase awareness of the devastating impacts of fast fashion on both people and our precious ecosystems and that one day slow fashion will become the norm.”

What truly sets Bon + Berg apart is its unwavering commitment to sustainability. Siobhan understands the urgent need to protect our planet, and that’s why every material used in Bon + Berg products is carefully selected for its eco-friendly properties.

Siobhan adds: “Despite everything we know about climate change and the environmental impacts of fast fashion, many garments are still being made in a way that is detrimental to our planet. We simply can’t afford to continue with business as usual.”

Sustainability can mean so many different things. For Bon + Berg, it means minimising their impact on the environment and ensuring their garments are produced with respect for both the people who make them and the environment.