Scottish craft brewery reveal surplus bread as the secret ingredient to new brew as they continue on global sustainability mission  


Scottish craft brewery BrewDog are continuing their global sustainability efforts as they launch their latest addition to the Irish market, LOST lager. In typical BrewDog fashion, their newest offering steers from the norm, with the drink setting itself apart from your average lager in terms of both taste and the manufacturing process behind the brew.  


Described as “planet-first lager”, LOST Lager prides itself on fuelling an environmental solution to the issues posed by mass production within the drinks industry. The beer itself is brewed using 30% less water than normal, 100% wind power and surplus fresh bread is used to replace some of the malt, which forms the base of the beer. 


In a further attempt to up the ante in the green stakes, BrewDog have also pledged to plant a tree in their very own LOST forest for every four-pack sold.  


LOST lager will initially be available across all Tesco stores in Ireland from May 24th 


Alex Dullard, Head of Customer Marketing at BrewDog, said:  


“Sustainability is becoming a crucial priority to shoppers across both UK and Ireland, which is one of the reasons we decided to introduce LOST to the Irish market. Our research shows that despite 92 percent of people wanting to live a sustainable lifestyle, only 16 percent are actively changing behaviour. It is therefore the responsibility of brands like BrewDog to help consumers act more sustainably. We believe LOST Lager can help to not only grow the sustainable beer market in Ireland, but also encourage Irish consumers to put more consideration into their purchases. 


He added: “We’re looking forward to the reopening of our Dublin Outpost hopefully later this summer, which we feel will help us to further drive home our sustainability mission and current ethos to our Irish customer base.”  

The launch of LOST lager follows an announcement last August that BrewDog was to become carbon negative with immediate effect, leading the charge in the industry with a £30m investment in sustainability initiatives.  


As part of these efforts, BrewDog also purchased 9,308 acres of Scottish Highlands, where it plans to plant three million trees over the next four years. The land, known as The Lost Forest, will undergo one of the largest reforestation and peatland restoration projects the UK has ever seen. As well as sequestering, carbon woodland creation also promotes biodiversity, natural flood attenuation and drives rural economic development 


In addition to broadleaf woodland creation and peatland restoration, ‘LOST Forest’, will also become a Destination for BrewDog fans, with eco cabins, hiking tails and a nano distillery on site. All of which will be open to the public in the coming years.  


The green infrastructure projects that are currently completed or underway at BrewDog include the following: 

  • The brewery and the UK bars are now wind powered. 
  • Spent grain has been turned into green gas which powers the brewery. 
  • BrewDog are building an onsite anaerobic digestor to turn their wastewater into clean water and produce food grade C02 to carbonate their beers. 
  • BrewDog are investing in the electrification of their vehicle fleet. 
  • Through investing in local brewing sites across the UK, EU, USA and Australia, it has significantly reduced the miles its beer is travelling to reach the consumer. 

For more news and information on BrewDog and the Lost Lager campaign, head to @brewdogofficial on Instagram or @brewdog on Twitter.