This year, if you’re looking for a way to commit to a more eco-conscious lifestyle and take your green goals beyond January, Jordan Oral Care’s Green Clean range is just what you need. Jordan Green Clean is designed with both you and the environment in mind, enabling you to take care of your teeth with extra good conscience.


Green Clean is all about helping people make green choices, without compromising on effect. Jordan Oral Care wants to celebrate all the small changes people do for the environment and highlight all the little things that might seem small on their own, but together make a difference. They also want to inspire people that feel like it’s hard to navigate or make changes, to start with the little things, the easy green choices.  


Since Jordan introduced their sustainability initiative, Green Clean, starting with just one toothbrush Adult Toothbrush (€3.75/£2.65), Jordan has developed and expanded the range to include the Green Clean Cavity Protection Toothpaste and Green Clean Gentle Whitening Toothpaste (75ml, €3.75/£2.65), and a child friendly line Green Clean Baby (0-2) Toothbrush and Kids Toothbrush (€3.75/£2.65) & Green Clean Kids (0-5) and Junior 6+ Toothpastes (50ml, €3.75/£2.65), to take care of your teeth and the environment.    


With its modern design, ergonomic handle and quality bristles, Jordan Green Clean range combines great functionality and sustainable materials. In the design process, nothing is left to chance, and all materials are carefully selected with the environment in mind. In fact, 90 % of the total product (including packaging) is made of recycled materials, minimizing resource use and giving materials a new life. For instance, the toothbrush handle is made of recycled plastic originating from food containers, and the packaging is made of recycled paper fibres from paper-based products. The remaining 10 % mainly consists of the bristles, which are 100 % bio-based, and the packaging label, which is made of FSC-certified paper from responsible managed forests. True to Scandinavian design principles, Jordan Green Clean has a modern and minimalistic appearance. We have only used the materials necessary to ensure a comfortable brushing experience. 


JORDAN ORAL CARE GREEN CLEAN RANGE is available from Dunnes Store, Supervalu, Adrian Dunne, All Care Pharmacy, CarePlus, Chemist Warehouse, Life Pharmacy, McCabes, McCauleys, Mulligans, Inish Pharmacy and Gordons Chemists and Medicare in Northern Ireland