Kays flower School continues to bloom as they announce the launch of their new website!

Having transformed their training during the covid lockdown and moving all their professional programs online. Sisters Janette and Deirdre changed the way florists are trained, so much so their unique approach to training has been replicated by flower schools all over the world.

To answer the question … Can you really train as a florist online? Well for years award winning trainer Janette would say “No – definitely not”. This changed when the well known and loved school had to choose between closing the doors or go online as part of their pandemic pivot.

The sisters along with fondly known as Mr & Mrs Kay who initially FOUNDED THE BUSINBESS IN 1987 make the leap to online. Together the family as they have in the past worked together to create an online programme that mixed the old and new bringing the traditional classroom-based course online. This took Kays Flower School into homes around the country and eventually the world all from their humble beginnings in Dublin 8’s Rialto.

This wasn’t easy and the sister duo tirelessly spending hours recording, editing, and producing the professional programs. Deirdre says, “We wanted to make sure that the online student would get the same experience that they did when in our classes.” 

To do this they enlisted the help of past to critique, give feedback and dissect the online training in comparison to the classroom-based learning they had experienced in the past. Luckily the feedback was amazing, they felt it was so much better than the classroom-based courses they had done and felt jealous of the new students who would be getting the training. And so, the online programs were developed, and Kays Flower School could continue doing what they do best, train florists.

The move to online has even allowed the family business to grow and now their sister Sinead who lives in Inverness in Scotland is working virtually as part of the Kays Flower School team!

Janette says” There is now no doubt that for us the Training as a Florist online is possible and to the same standard as in a classroom. We can now reach so many more students and it is such a great feeling knowing that.”

For more information, please contact >> info@kaysflowerschool.com