Wellness therapists, Priya, on French Church Street in Cork city, have integrated cannabidiol into unique new massage and reflexology treatments to help with pain, insomnia, and anxiety.

The new spa offering involves CBD oil, mixed with massage oil, allowing it to absorb into the bloodstream quickly, as part of a therapeutic treatment.

Minor aches and injuries respond well to the new technique, as does chronic pain like arthritis, according to Sara Roberts, owner of the popular Priya spa.

“CBD comes from the hemp plant and is a popular pain treatment used orally and topically.  Using it through the skin helps decrease inflammation and pain, as it is quickly and easily absorbed.  A bonus is that there is no stomach upset that some people experience when taking CDB orally”, she says.

The CBD treatments involve an in-depth consultation followed by a trigger-point targeted massage or reflexology, as well as recommended home care.

People with chronic back pain, fibromyalgia and arthritis have seen significant improvement in their pain levels and mobility, Sara Roberts reports, and athletes and those who work-out regularly also benefit from CBD massage.

“Our therapists work with clients who are also seeing a noticeable improvement in skin conditions, sleep and general wellbeing, as well as pain management”, Sara adds.

CBD Spa, an Irish-owned company operating more than twenty-five years in the beauty sector, specifically trains beauty therapists in the use of cannabidiol in wellness treatments.  Beauty therapist and trainer, Lauren Starkey, provides CPD accredited (continued professional development) training for salons covering the use of cannabidiol, product understanding, patient consultation, massage therapy and after-care.

“Spas including Priya in Cork city are using the muscle-easing properties of CBD oil for a deeper unwind for clients, working tense and painful areas more effectively and easing inflammation”, Lauren Starkey says.

There is also an online CBD Spa store where salons or individuals can buy therapeutic CBD massage oil that is hand blended with either sandalwood or lavender natural oils.  Organic, animal friendly and of the highest quality, the CBD Spa oils are in 100ml (€15.00) and 250 ml (€27.00) formats online at https://www.cbdspaco.com.

A 1 litre professional oil is also available for salons and therapists, and all CBD massage oil from CBD Spa has zero % THC, the psychoactive compound found in cannabis.

The CBD Spa owners developed the new massage treatment having personally experienced dramatic improvement in both debilitating eczema and the stomach pain caused by coeliac disease, after taking CBD oil regularly

The CBD Spa company was recently named Leading Providers of CBD Massage Treatments in the EU Business News Irish Enterprise Awards, as well as winning a Centre of Excellence Award from the online business training organisation.

See https://www.cbdspaco.com/ for more information or https://www.priyatherapy.com/ for massage therapy in Cork.