Bring your facial home with deep-cleansing and lifting – this time from a device that mimics the massage techniques and exfoliation properties of a deep-cleansing and toning professional facial.


Lift, tone and cleanse your face and neck all at the same time with Cosaint’s new Cosaint’s Compact Ultrasonic Skin Peeler.


This incredible device has two modes – the cleansing mode where ultrasonic vibrations work to push out dirt and oil, clearing away dead skin cells and other debris that can clog pores and create spots. The device contains a silver spatula that extracts clogged pores around the nose area.


Your quick and deep cleansing ritual is then finished off by the Lifting Mode, which stimulates circulation and tones your facial muscles. This is a fantastic mode to use for a few minutes before a night out to give you a fresh and healthy look.


Why Investing in the Cosaint’s Compact Ultrasonic Skin Peeler is a good idea, long term use results in:


  • Deep Cleaning Action that mimics a professional facial

  • Reduction of large pores

  • You can gently remove blackheads and prevent their recurrence

  • Lifted skin with plumper skin tone

  • Deeply exfoliating

  • Beautifully designed bathroom fixture that will look good in any bathroom

Cosaint’s NEW Cleansing Brush And Under-Eye Toner


Incorporate A Muscle Tone Massage Into Your Quick and Easy Cleansing Regime using New Cosaint Cleansing Brush and Under-Eye Toner (€149 from The Wicklow Street Clinic)


Recent studies in skincare have shown that the most important part of our beauty regime, second to using SPF daily,  is to cleanse skin thoroughly. The constant nightly regime of taking your make-up off properly eludes many of us.


Unfortunately, we can be so tired by the end of the day or at the end of a night out we can forget to really clean – let alone double cleanse! Cosaint’s NEW Cleansing Brush And Under-Eye Toner takes the effort out of sometimes arduous cleansing.


Oscillating hygienic medical-grade silicone bristles vibrate to create a gentle action and can be used with any cleansing type of lotion: oil, water based, or cream cleanser.


The Cleansing Brush also massages, tones and firms under the eye after the cleansing process to minimise the look of wrinkles and fine lines. A veritable miracle worker! Our eye area ages about five years before the rest of the face so cleansing the area fully but also gently applying an eye-cream under the eye area and massaging it helps your under-eye area to tone.




1. Moisten the face


2. Wet the brush head completely and apply cleanser to the head piece


3. Turn on the device to cleaning mode/ deep cleansing mode


4. Place the brush head against your palm until it foams slightly


5. Glide brush evenly on the face


6. The device will turn off after 2 minutes


7. Rinse your face and the device.




1. Turn on device to eye massage mode.

2. Sweep the back of the device across the eye area while eyes are closed.

3. The device will turn off after 2 minutes.




– Pregnancy/ Breastfeeding please consult with your doctor.

– Do not use with facial exfoliates or peels.

– Move device around face. Do not leave on same area for long time.