If you have itched, sneezed and streamed your way through the summer so far, you are not alone. Up to 1 in 3 people are thought to suffer from hay fever, with numbers continuing to grow.  

Hay fever occurs when an allergen – commonly grass or tree pollen – sends the body’s immune system into overdrive, triggering an explosive release of histamine. This activates an inflammatory response, and the miserable tell-tale symptoms of sneezing, a runny nose and sore, streaming eyes. 

Recent research suggests that the climate crisis is going to make the hay fever season last a whole lot longer, potentially stretching into the autumn. Symptoms are also likely to intensify, with up to three times as much pollen floating around between March – October by the end of the century.  

There is currently no cure for it, but there are some effective ways to manage it. Over-the-counter antihistamines work to prevent or control the symptoms, and the use of nature’s own essential oils – or aromatherapy – is scientifically proven to provide much some needed relief. 

Karl Murray, owner of premium essential oil company Kotanical and Ireland’s only Essential Oil Master Distiller, has recommended a cooling hay fever blend that will soothe inflamed sinuses, help with breathing and even reduce the body’s histamine response to pollen. 

Cooling Hay Fever Blend 

  • 2 drops Peppermint essential oil.
  • 2 drops Lavender essential oil. 
  • 2 drops Eucalyptus essential oil.
  • 2 drops Lemon essential oil.

The uplifting scent of lemon helps to banish brain fog, whilst the peppermint and eucalyptus oils open the airways and facilitate easier breathing. Lavender is a natural anti-inflammatory and antihistamine, helping to prevent and calm blocked, irritated sinuses.  

Diffuse the blend if you’re at home – or if you’re on the go, drop the oils straight onto a good old-fashioned handkerchief. Place it over your nose and mouth and breathe in deeply whenever you need some relief. 

How to Diffuse the Blend 

  • Ensure the diffuser is off. 
  • Remove both cover and the plastic lid.  
  • Approximately add 100ml of water in the tank. 
  • Add the essential oils. 
  • Put the plastic lid and cover back on the diffuser. 
  • Turn your diffuser back on. 
  • Choose your preferred light and mist settings. 

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