Nothing feels better than strong, healthy and manageable hair and the key to shine and bounce is finding the right treatment for your hair type. Washing too frequently, skipping that overdue trim, morning straighteners and evening curlers – we’ve all done it. Not caring for our hair can damage it.   Seoulista Beauty® once again steps up to the mark by offering its customers what they want: another addition to its innovative treatment range that offers professional results at home.

Packed full of hardworking ingredients, NEW Seoulista Glossy Locks® is a double-layered treatment mask designed to help nourish and protect the scalp and hair, all in just 15 minutes.

Infused with 35ml of intensive serum, Seoulista Glossy Locks® is a haircare professionals dream thanks to the creation of Lipoplex™.   This unique complex helps to protect and soothe the hair from root to tip with a concentrated fusion of antioxidant pomegranate, blueberry and rice bran. Nourishing camellia oil, argan oil and hydrolysed keratin help to condition hair while improving texture, elasticity and shine. Hydrating hyaluronic acid helps to lock in moisture, restoring damaged hair back to its former glory. The drip-free formulation leaves hair feeling softer and more manageable, with a silky, swishy, glossy finish.

How does it work?

The cap is designed to trap natural heat from the head and use this to help infuse the nourishing and hydrating ingredients into the hair follicle for the duration of the 15-minute treatment period. What’s more the serum formulation, unlike other treatments, is lighter and absorbs into the hair follicle faster, getting to work at helping to revive dry and damaged locks.


How to use?

Shampoo and towel dry your hair prior to application, before placing the mask on your head.   Ensure all your hair is inside and seal with the sticker. Massage hair through the mask to ensure an even distribution of product and to stimulate the scalp at the roots. Leave for 15 minutes before removing the mask, then rinse and style as normal.




  • Restores shine and strength to dry & damaged hair, making it more manageable
  • Protects hair from environmental stresses such as sunlight, pollution and heat styling
  • Hydrates and soothes the scalp to promote healthy hair
  • The unique Lipoplex™ complex contains a concentrated fusion of powerful antioxidants that care for the hair from root to tip
  • Uses the natural heat from the head to infuse the nourishing ingredients deep into the hair shaft
  • Restores hair back to its former glory, giving it a healthy shine in just 15 minutes
  • New drip-free formulation which can be used while multitasking.

Already a firm favourite from a pre-launch test panel, Seoulista Glossy Locks® takes the very best skincare botanicals and infuses them into haircare.


“This hair mask has transformed my hair in one treatment!” – Blathnaid, Ireland


Founder and CEO, Una McGurk-Hill comments on the natural progression to hair care Like the skinhair needs the same quality of care and that means from root to tip. The scalp is often forgotten but it’s the foundation for healthy hair.”

The perfect way to show your hair some TLC, Seoulista Glossy Locks® works in just 15 minutes to rejuvenate stressed-out tresses. Each mask is generously infused with 35ml serum and for an even more intensive treatment, leave on overnight.