Created by husband and wife team, Paul and Leah O’Neill, Global Beauty can be described as nothing short of a classic success story. Built on the back of hard work and determination, co-founder Paul O’Neill has put his decades of experience driving the sales and promotion of some of the beauty industry heavyweights and gone out on his own to disrupt the industry in his own unique way. Named among The Top 100 Most Influential People In The Pharmacy Industry by Irish Pharmacy News (IPN Magazine) for the last 3 years, Paul has had experience launching a variety of cosmetics brands in Ireland, and now it’s his turn to do it for himself.


Working alongside Paul is his wife Leah. With 15 years’ experience in the Beauty Industry, award-winning Nail Technician Leah has owned her own Salon for the past 7 years and acted as a Nail Educator for a variety of well-known brands, making her a master in not only customer service but giving her an innate knowledge into industry trends, products and ingredients.


Speaking about the launch of Global Beauty, Paul said We are excited to bring new and innovative products to the market with Global Beauty, as well as act as distributors in Ireland and the UK for a variety of well-known homegrown and global brands. Having spent many years behind the scenes building up beauty brands on the Irish Market, I am so excited to get stuck in and bring my own product ideas to life. I cannot wait to share what Global Beauty has in store over the next few months, and beyond.”


How do you start your day?

As we are still in the middle of lockdown our days are quite different to how they once were. After breakfast my wife Leah (Global Beauty co-founder) preps our two children, Holly and Jake, for a day of home schooling while I follow up with any emails from the previous day, checking in with suppliers and distribution partners and then getting back to online enquiries. Thankfully Holly and Jake have taken to home schooling really quickly, so Leah and I are able to work on Global Beauty while helping them along with their schoolwork if they need it.


How do you end your day?

Once Holly and Jake have gone to bed, Leah and I always make sure to have some downtime and decompress after a business day. This means phones off, sometimes to my detriment as I’m always working away on something and relaxing in front of the fire either watching a show or chatting about our day. It’s important when you work with your spouse to park work when you finish and make time for one another.


How about the middle part? What does a typical day in your job look like?

No day is ever the same, especially when you work for yourself, however we always ensure to get out as a family for a walk along the River Boyne, which thankfully is within our 5km. This break is not only good for our minds, it bonds us as a family and keeps us all relaxed among the madness.


How do you achieve a work/life balance?

It isn’t the easiest thing to do as we find ourselves working around the clock, as is to be expected when you start your own company. However, our children have really joined in with Leah and I and love packing orders with us. We’ve made it into a family activity and always ensure we laugh along the way. It brings us together, as they have had a huge part to play in creating Global Beauty alongside us.


How important is upskilling to you?

I think it’s extremely important as you should never stop learning, even if it’s just something new in your day-to-day life. Unfortunately, due to the way Global Beauty has taken off, upskilling is on the back burner, but we do ensure we learn from everyday experiences and surround ourselves with a fantastic team for any of our pitfalls.


Tell us about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your life.

Apart from starting a family with my wife and rearing our children, the biggest accomplishment has to be, for myself at least, handing in my notice in a steady job and taking the leap to start Global Beauty. I couldn’t be prouder to see how far we’ve come in under a year, and know where we’re heading in the future.


Tell us the most interesting thing about you that we could not learn from your CV Alone?

I have always been really interested in working out and going to the gym on a regular basis pre lockdown. While I use it as a release from the day-to-day stresses of owning a business, I also have a love for boxing and while I do not compete, I love to train as if I do. It gives me a drive like no other. When it comes to Leah’s drive, she is a renowned nail technician across the UK and Ireland and has won awards for her work.


How would your team describe you?

I would hope they would describe me as trustworthy and easy to work with, and I know for a fact they would say I’m energetic, always ‘on’ and most of all extremely talkative. I am not a 9-5 type person, so they are usually stuck on the phone to me chatting away well into the evening.


Tell us about the process you go through sourcing product and developing new ideas for the Global Beauty Brand?

While we both have our fingers in all areas of the business, both Leah and I have a particular fondness for sourcing new products and developing new ideas. It is such a fulfilling process developing a product from an idea and then seeing it in real life. When it comes to how we come up with products, we cannot give away our sell-out formula, but we do make sure to keep an eye on industry trends.