The wonderful Irish Jewellery Designer  from Cork, Pat Whyte a number of her pieces were chosen by academy award winner Joan Bergin to  be worn on the cast of Disenchanted , Amy Adams amongst others..  Please see attached and below . Her jewellery is on Amy Adams Gold Gown and her earrings when wearing the Blue Dress  . If you need anything else just let me know  and if you want a wee chat with her let me know, she really is lovely

Pat Whyte has become one of the most well-known, respected and highly acclaimed brands in the Irish Fashion Industry. Hailing from Clonakilty in Co. Cork, in her twenties, Pat opened her own fashion boutique and saw a niche in the market for high quality designer-inspired jewellery. So began a career-change to launch ‘Pat Whyte Fashion Accessories’ and she has since never looked back.

The Pat Whyte jewellery collection is now a highly coveted label and has been stocked in Ireland’s most prestigious fashion and accessory boutiques. Pat is renowned for her flair in setting designer-inspired trends in the most up-to-the minute designs and working closely with professionals from all aspects of the fashion industry, both at home and around the world. Working in tune with catwalk collections, Pat’s runway-inspired range changes bi-annually; Spring-Summer & Autumn-Winter, reflecting and predicting top couture fashion jewellery trends with her own unique twist for day and evening wear.

” I  was so shocked and honoured when out of the blue I got a call  from Joan. She chose a number of my pieces as she has long been a fan  of mine . It’s a wonderful  honour to have my pieces  in the new Disney film which launches on Disney+  on  November 18th  ” Pat exclaimed ..
Joan Bergin’s quote 
 It is a pleasure for me to acknowledge the contribution of  Pat Whyte’s jewelry to Disney’s  DISENCHANTED .  This is late in my career ,my first  Disney outing.  Early on I decided not to follow the current trend of those highly talented and well-known Costume Designers who in half a dozen re-tellings of the old tales elevated the visuals to high-end couture.  So, I decided to take a child’s view of a fairytale with  bold shapes in great colors adding a touch of elan through the execution of every garment.  That’s where Pat Whythe’s wonderful pieces fitted in perfectly with what I was trying to achieve.
I got to know Pat’s work by buying the odd piece of her work for myself from Anastasia’s, a local clothes and accessories boutique in Ranelagh where the owner
promotes Irish Designers. Where I can I have always done this. The red earrings which are almost a character in themselves, worn by one of the ugly sisters are by Simone Rocha. Pat Whyte thoroughly entered into the spirit of the creative process allowing us to swap out when necessary  and was great to work with
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