Spring is in the air and now is the best time to treat yourself. What if you could find a radiant happy fragrance that could light up your life? Happiness is more than just a feeling. It is an energy. It is a positive vibration and a halo of light given by those who are truly happy. Lancôme has cultivated a vision of generous and radiant happiness and considers happiness to be the very expression of beauty. Lancôme drew inspiration from this conviction when it designed the latest version of its iconic fragrance, La Vie est Belle Soleil Cristal. This fragrance features a radiant trail like a halo of happiness.

All she must do is be herself. The warm and radiant woman of La Vie est Belle Soleil Cristal lights up the world with happiness. From her attitudes to her movements, everything about her spread a luminous “joie de vivre”. Her beauty is truly dazzling. Anyone around her feels radiantly better. And when she smiles, the world smiles back to her.



An addictive trail with a sun-drenched aura

Enjoy the most radiant smile, now captured in a fragrance.

A trail of solar notes, La Vie est Belle Soleil Cristal lights up and illuminate the original fragrance. It shines even brighter.

Like a smile that lights up a familiar face, solar notes illuminate the iconic accord of La Vie est Belle, from the inside out. At the heart of this composition, a trio of sweet white flowers: jasmine, orange blossom, and ylang ylang, married to a solar coconut accord that highlights their creamy, velvety texture. This warm, sensual, and incredibly evocative accord contrasts with bergamot and mandarin, which bring an immediate and sparkling sense of freshness to the perfume. The duo of  Iris and Patchouli, the iconic signature of La Vie est Belle, is paired with the delicious and addictive vanilla that gives an unprecedented radiance.


“For this new chapter in the LVEB story, we wanted to encapsulate the radiant aura of LVEB women. We created a bouquet of sunny, warm, and radiant flowers based on ylang ylang blossom, resulting in sun-drenched citrusy top notes. LVEB’s signature is amplified by a new voluptuous addiction—warm and creamy coconut underpinned by an infusion of sensual vanilla. Through this perfume, we wanted to give voice to the radiance and sensuality of LVEB women.”

Happiness is in the details.


The ideal conception of Happiness that lights up the world inspired Lancôme when selecting the ingredients for La Vie est Belle Soleil Cristal. Driven by the conviction that a beautiful perfume should bring happiness both to those who wear it and to those who make it, the brand is making sure that the natural resources are preserved and ensuring that the people who depend on these resources enjoy fair pay and decent working conditions.


Obtained through an exclusive extraction process from hand-harvested beans, premium Madagascar Bourbon vanilla infusion is the product of an industry that has a significant positive impact on the island’s farmers. This system provides farmers with fair pay and decent working conditions, while also striving to protect the resources of this unique region.


Balinese patchouli essence, one of the key pillars of La Vie est Belle’s sensual fragrance, is produced through a sustainable channel with the certification “For Life”. This certification aims to provide a sustainable source of revenue for more than 80 local farmers, thereby helping to empower communities by improving the production chain and revitalizing the country’s fragile ecosystem.


A new emblem of happiness


The fragrance’s “smile of crystal” has turned it into an icon. A symbol of happiness since its creation in 2012, the La Vie est Belle bottle has been completely redesigned for this latest edition. Featuring an infusion of holographic reflections, the bottle’s transparent glass captures the radiant aura of a radiant smile. Like a crystal refracting the light that shines through its surface, it produces a shimmering effect that changes with movement, revealing an endless shade of colors. The wings that surround the neck of the bottle, with their naturally beautiful peach hue and iridescent sparkles, glimmer along with the rest of the bottle. A captivating object with an alluring aura.



One smile to light up the world.


Julia Roberts, the ambassador for Lancôme’s iconic fragrance, embodies radiant Happiness for La Vie est Belle Soleil Cristal. When she smiles, the whole world smiles back. Captured in a moment of pure happiness, her glowing complexion is highlighted by her white dress, whose sparkling reflections echo the wings on the fragrance’s bottle.

Holographic flares suggest the sun light that highlights her natural radiant beauty. However, in this light-infused campaign, the real star is the resplendent woman whose smile is all it takes to light up the world.


La Vie est Belle Soleil Cristal will be available from Brown Thomas online at www.browntomas.com ;

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