Bad hair days tend to happen at the worst possible moments. Sure, there are definitely worse things in life, but let’s face it, having a bad hair day can make you feel less than desirable. Whether it’s frizziness , fine hair, dry hair, or you just haven’t washed your hair in a few days, having a bad hair day can really affect your confidence. Luckily for us all, LUNA Haircare has products to remedy most of our hair concerns! From its hero leave in treatment, to the volume foam, to the hydrate masque, no matter what your hair goals are, LUNA has got you covered!


Why does a good hair day change the way we feel about ourselves? Apart from the fact that your hair frames your face, it also complements your facial features, from the color of your eyes to the shape of your nose, and the height of your cheekbones. Many believe that when you look good you feel good; however, this isn’t solely about vanity—it’s about feeling prepared, confident, and ready to take on the challenges of the day. Here at Luna Hair Care, we are confident that our award winning range can make you feel and do  just that.

LUNA Hydrate Hair Range

Say goodbye to dehydrated locks..

This range includes a thirst quenching, nourishing shampoo, conditioner and masque to keep your luscious locks hydrated throughout the year. LUNA Hydrate Shampoo (€13) replenishes moisture and protects against damage, while the LUNA Hydrate Conditioner (€13) is the perfect remedy for dry and dehydrated hair. Both packed with avocado oil and hydrolysed wheat protein, the special blend of ingredients helps to reduce static and increase hair suppleness and sheen leaving your hair feeling super silky, soft and glossy. The LUNA Hydrate Masque (€15) is a rich moisturising and smoothing masque that should be used weekly to help nourish frizzy, coarse or coloured hair.

LUNA Volume Hair Range

Your secret to a big bouncy blowout finish…

This range includes a revitalizing and uplifting shampoo, conditioner and foam to give volume and bounce to your hair. LUNA Volume Shampoo (€13) is a lightweight shampoo to give fine and fragile hair that added lift it needs, while the active ingredients provide excellent wetcombing and detangling properties. LUNA Volume Conditioner (€13) is formulated to accompany our Volume Shampoo to add volume and life to fine and fragile hair as well as giving a gloss finish and helping to reduce static. LUNA Volume Foam (€15) is a lightweight volumizer for body, texture & control all while remaining flexible and offers thermal protection. Apply 2-4 pumps to damp hair and distribute evenly from roots to ends, then blow-dry.

LUNA Repair Hair Range

Undo Damage and renew your hair…

This range includes a shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment that smooths split ends and controls frizz. LUNA Repairing Shampoo (€13) is a reconstructing shampoo for dry and damaged hair. With our shine enhancing amino acids, hair will appear and feel softer and stronger. LUNA Repairing Conditioner (€13) works with our matching shampoo to strengthen and repair dry, damaged and brittle colour treated hair. Both the shampoo and conditioner are sulphate and paraben free. LUNA Repairing Leave-In Treatment (€15), with 12 benefits, nourishes dry and damaged hair and protects for a radiant shine. The Leave-In Treatment conditions both natural and synthetic hair and delivers soft, silky, more manageable results.



  1. UVA & UVB Protection

  2. Sulphate & Paraben Free

  3. Helps repair dry and damaged hair

  4. Nourishes and protects for radiant shine

  5. Delivers soft, silky, more manageable results

  6. Contains colour protection complex

  7. Acts as an incredible detangler

  8. Aids in the prevention of static

  9. Conditions both natural & synthetic hair

  10. Smooths split ends and controls frizz

  11. Non sticky application

  12. Contains vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants that can help promote healthy hair


LUNA Weekly Detox Shampoo

The key to a clean canvas…

A once-a-week shampoo to cleanse your hair and lift product residue, excess oil, and built-up pollutants for a fresh, clean start. Luna Weekly Detox Shampoo (€13) is formulated with Lavender Herb Oil and Orange Peel Oil to provide a rich clean while still leaving the hair feeling hydrated & healthy. Deeply cleanse away dirt, oil & impurities without stripping your hair. Removes buildup of styling products & hard water deposits! A fresh, summer fruit fragrance dominated by notes of blueberry and cranberry followed by a raspberry and strawberry blend.