Nowadays, our skin is more and more subject  to acute daily internal and external aggressions.  The growing urban population is massively  exposed to peaks of pollution, sudden climate  changes, lack of sleep, hormonal variation,  anxiety, or intense stress. 

Those critical factors are known as exposome  stressors, and they directly impact the skin. 

Skin is the first line of defence against exposome  aggressions. When skin is stressed, its ability to  defend itself is affected, skin barrier is altered,  inflammation triggered, immunity weakened.  It leads to physical symptoms like increased ski n water loss, free radicals release, and visible  signs of inflammation. Skin can become dryer, with itching sensation,  and redness can appear. But most of all, the  skin immunity is weakened, and visible signs  of skin health fade: it looks dull, uneven, and  fine lines appear. 


 Behold the science and comfort of Mineral 89 Probiotic Fractions a new age in skincare 

This high potency formula is Vichy’s one stop solution for stressed skin, containing the following three key ingredients;

  1. Probiotic Fractions which improve the skins barrier function while also stimulating the skins naturals defences.
  2. Vichy Volcanic Water rich in 15  minerals, significantly increases the skin barrier repairing efficacy.
  3. 4% Niacinamide is known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory effects on skin.


Formulated without fragrance, alcohol and silicons, this product is clinically proven to regenerate 6 signs of skin health, including radiance, fine lines, skin texture and plumpness. Mineral 89 Probiotic Fractions is the latest innovation from Vichy, inspired by their best-selling Mineral 89 Serum.


At Hi HQ we follow the experts advice which recommends Mineral 89 Probiotic Fractions as the first step after cleansing the skin, before your moisturiser and of course SPF to regenerate and repair stressed skin.


What are some of the common daily internal and external aggressions that cause our skin to become stressed? 

Externally UV Radiation, pollution, infrared radiation, natural elements or changes in climate, over zealous  cosmetic ablative treatments and retinoids all weaken  the skin while internally stress, poor sleep & diet,  alcohol, smoking and hormonal fluctuations further  compound already stressed skin. Some of these skin  aggressors are controllable while others are out of  our control.  

What impact do exposome aggressions have on our skin and why does this occur? 

Exposome aggressors weaken the skin barrier, making the skin more vulnerable and further  compound any pre existing inflammatory conditions  such as eczema, psoriasis and acne. It also drives  inflammation which is pro ageing and generates free  radicals which are detrimental to skin and accelerate  the skin ageing process. 

In terms of our skin health, can you explain  further any of the ‘new normal’ (covid)  exposome aggressors that may be stressing our  skin or weakening the skin barrier?  

Since Covid, we are all washing more, which can  deplete the skin of natural protective oils, while use  of facial masks is harsh and increases friction on the   face, thereby driving inflammation of the facial skin. 

What would you recommend people to  incorporate into their routines in order to  support a healthy skin barrier? 

I suggest a gentle but thorough cleansing regime  and use of soothing and calming active ingredients  that help keep the skin more robust and protected and of course daily use SPF. 

Are there any key ingredients known for  their calming and soothing properties that you  would recommend for inflamed skin in need of  SOS treatment?

Vichy mineralising water with its naturally occurring  healing and regenerating minerals, Probiotic fractions  that strengthen the skin natural barrier and activate  the skins immune system, Niacinamide which is a  powerful anti-inflammatory B Vitamin and antioxidant  vitamins to scavenge damaging free radicals.

What ingredients can help repair and  regenerate a weakened skin barrier?

Probiotic fractions help a weakened skin barrier  by strengthening the skins immune defences  and Niacinamide is great for its powerful anti inflammatory effects on the skin. Vichy mineralising  waters also have a potent soothing effect on the skin.  

Probiotics are known for their positive  effects on gut-health. In terms of stressed skin  in need of SOS treatment, what benefits are  there in incorporating topical probiotics into  your skin routine?  

With continued use over time probiotic fractions  have been shown to improve skin barrier and skin  hydration which are key factors in achieving healthy  glowing skin.  

How does the new Vichy Mineral 89 Probiotic  Fractions work to combat stressed skin?

Probiotic fractions work to improve skin barrier  function by stimulating epidermal regeneration and  they also stimulate the skins natural defences by  combining antioxidant properties and activating the  skin’s immune system.  

Where should people start with building an  effective skincare routine?  

An effective skincare regime starts with thorough  cleansing once or twice a day depending on your  skin type. Cleansing once daily, preferably at night,  with a cream based cleanser is recommended if you  have dry skin and twice daily with a foaming gel  based cleanser if you have combination, oily or acne  prone skin. Make sure to rinse well and pat the face  dry and then add about 3-4 drops of Mineral 89  Probiotic Fractions serum all over the face and neck  and follow with your favourite moisturiser. Finally,  and most importantly, finish with applying a broad  spectrum SPF. The Vichy Capital Soleil UV-Age is  my favourite. Eating and sleeping well will also help  boost your skin health and radiance. 

What do you like about the Mineral 89  range / new M89 Probiotic Fractions serum?

It’s a beautifully hydrating and calming serum that is  suitable for all skin types. 

Available now from local pharmacies nationwide, instore & online €29.00