Swedish Nutra have seen a surge in demand for their hero Vitamin C+D3  supplement which helps super boost your immune system following on from the  latest government Vitamin D guidelines. The liquid supplement with a very budget  friendly RRP €17.95 can be taken daily as part of wider public health measures to  help prevent the risks of COVID-19 outbreaks. 

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is naturally present in a number of foods. The  role of Vitamin D in our daily routine should be addressed as part of an enhanced  public health policy. Our bodies need Vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) to absorb and  regulate the calcium and phosphorus that create and maintain strong bones and  teeth. Vitamin D regulates insulin levels, supports our immune brain and nervous  systems; our genes, muscles (including the heart) and lungs to function well.  

As your body is unable to produce Vitamin C, taking a supplement is an effective way  to boost your intake. The vitamin deficiency results in impaired immunity and higher  susceptibility to infections. 

Zinc is also necessary for the production of white blood cells – our immune army! It  is one of the critical nutrients for health and defence against flu and viruses.  

Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr Ronan Glynn said that he “recommended taking  Vitamin D as a generally positive thing people can do.” He also said that “many  people In Ireland do not get enough Vitamin D”, and “every person over 65 in the  country should be taking the supplement on a regular basis.” 

Professor Rose Anne Kenny of Trinity College, Dublin has said there is “strong  circumstantial evidence of a benefit of taking Vitamin D3 to prevent severe illness  from Covid-19”.

For more information, visit www.swedishnutra.ie. Available in selected pharmacies  nationwide.