For many years, the most widely used treatments for the removal of telangiectasia, or more commonly known as thread or spider veins, have been IPL, laser therapy and electrolysis, all of which require several sessions and can produce unwanted side effects such as hyper and hypopigmentation, scabbing and bruising. These small, thread-like clusters of blue or red veins tend to appear on the face or the legs and are formed when blood pools in veins near the surface of the skin, and although harmless, can be cosmetically unsightly. They can be caused by heredity, obesity, trauma, and fluctuations in hormone levels, especially common in the over 30’s and pregnant women.



Now, here to wash those worries away and to banish those blemishes is ThermaVein, a medical grade, state of the art, ground-breaking technology that removes thread veins instantly, with minimal downtime.

ThermaVein is the only technology on the market to use a non-invasive process called thermocoagulation, which involves using a small probe to administer a low radiofrequency current of 4Mhz to the skin, sealing the two walls of the vein together. The vein then instantly and permanently disappears, eventually being reabsorbed into the body’s lymphatic system.

Award-Winning Therapist Trainer and Brand Distributor Susan Fox was the first to bring ThermaVeinto Ireland, providing her clients with a unique skincare experience at her clinic Eden Beauty in County Wicklow. She is now the proud distributor of ThermaVein to all clinics right across Ireland, with the aim to restore confidence in as many people as possible.

Speaking about the treatment, Susan says:ThermaVeinis the gold standard for thread vein removal. In just one 30-minute session, I can treat a client’s entire face, and the results are instantaneous.

As the energy levels used are relatively low, there are no issues with pigmentation, and downtime is short. ThermaVeincan treat everything from spider veins to skin tags, warts, cherry angioma and milia quickly easily and effectively.

Having offered this treatment in my own clinic for many years, I was delighted to become the distributor for ThermaVeinin Ireland, giving Irish clinics the opportunity to offer their clients this brilliant treatment.”

ThermaVein treatments are available at Eden Beauty Group Clinic, Main Street, Wicklow. 

Prices start at €200 and each treatment lasts just 30 minutes.