Retinol truly is the gold standard ingredient when it comes to effective skincare . This form of Vitamin A alters the behaviour of skin cells, making them act in a more youthful, collagen-boosted manner. It is by far the most results driven ingredient and it has evolved massively in recent years. Gone are the days that it is a prescription only product.

The  Ageless range contains two powerful retinol products that are designed to fight against the visible signs of ageing. The Level Up System allows you to increase your retinol intake at a pace that suits your skin type for maximum results.

​SKINICIAN believe in a minimal approach to skincare, creating multi-functional products that address an array of concerns and deliver maximum results. Potent RETINOL POWER BALMS dramatically target and reduce the signs of ageing, improving skin tone and texture. Skin appears rejuvenated, lines and wrinkles reduced, and pigmentation faded. ​


The perfect product to introduce retinol into your daily routine. This potent balm actively targets all the signs of advanced ageing. Fortified with a blend of 3 Powerhouse Peptides and Active Retinol (0.1%) .


  • Reverses signs of ageing by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin
  • Slows down ageing by protecting collagen structures
  • Regenerates skin by stimulating cell renewal
  • Improves skin tone and clarity by reducing pigmentation and refining pores
  • Firms and tightens skin

When your skin is ready and can tolerate LEVEL1, progress onto LEVEL2.


This luxurious facial balm is formulated with five times more retinol than LEVEL 1 it is designed to take users to the next level with maximum results. ​

Containing a powerful blend of  Active Retinol (0.5%) and ​Tripeptide-1, a Biometric tri-peptide which stimulates fibronectin, collagen and elastin increasing skin firmness and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles​.

These potent balms provide immediate results with long lasting effects*:

  • Visibly reduces UV induced skin ageing in 4 weeks ​
  • Dramatically reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles​​
  • Accelerates skin renewal for healthier, smoother skin​
  • Helps control skin breakouts​

FREE FROM: Parabens | Harsh Chemicals | Alcohol | Sulphates | Palm Oil | Mineral Oil

How do you use?

Apply as part of your night time routine after thorough cleansing and toning. Apply 2 to 3 pumps to clean skin and work in circular movements to the face and neck, avoiding the delicate eye area. Follow with SKINICIAN Advanced Restoring Night Cream.

NOTE It is important to build up your tolerance to Retinol so we recommend starting with Level 1 and introducing into your routine gradually as your skin can tolerate.  Every other night for the first week, and mixing with your night cream if you need a buffer. Stick with LEVEL 1 for at least one bottle, then when your skin is ready move onto LEVEL 2 .

*Clinical trials on 30 volunteers over 4 weeks.


SKINICIAN is an Irish, cosmeceutical skincare brand created by experts, offering a minimal approach to skincare for all skin types. SKINICIAN have Ageless, Advanced, Revitalising, Purifying and Body systems that can be tailored to meet the needs of every skin type or concern.

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