A flawless self-tan always starts with a foolproof body care routine. With the perfect tan in mind, Bondi Sands have developed a certified Self Tan Friendly Body Range, comprised of a Coconut and Sea Salt Scrub, a pH balanced, Aloe Vera infused Body Wash and a luxurious Body Moisturiser, enriched with nourishing Jojoba and Vitamin E. We’ve broken down for you how each product fits into your tanning routine to achieve naturally radiant skin every time. All products now available from Cloud10Beauty.com

BODY SCRUB: Leave skin feeling smooth, soft, and ready for your self tan application with the Body Scrub, containing naturally derived Australian Sand and Sea Salt, dead skin cells are instantly buffed away. Coconut Husk and Walnut Shell work to effectively to remove impurities without leaving behind an oily residue, the key to achieving a streak free self-tan!

BODY WASH: Use prior to self-tan application to ensure skin is clean of anything that could act as a barrier and continue to use post application to keep skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. The Aloe Vera enriched formula is also pH balanced, so won’t strip, or fade your tan – winner!

BODY MOISTURISER: Apply to elbows, knees, and ankles before tanning to prevent tan grabbing to these naturally drier areas. Use the Body Moisturiser daily after applying tan to keep skin hydrated and prolong the life of your tan. The Moisturiser contains Vitamin E and Jojoba and leaves the skin with a gorgeous sheen for a healthy glow-from-within look.

Now available from Cloud10Beauty.com in scents Coconut and Tropical Rum

Body Scrub €13.50, Body Wash €10.00, Body Moisturiser €11.25